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Greetings, humans! I’ve been lovingly treated with some blue skies today, as I dive into the exciting world of pre-planning and tech for AwSHUX Spring! I’ve got less than a month to ensure that Technically Difficult moments don’t spoil three days of live broadcast – a stretch of time that is simultaneously CLEARLY ENOUGH whilst also: ARRGH.

But this week on the website, things trundle on as usual! Tomorrow we’ll be live-streaming Oriflamme: a game of cunning, malice, and people wearing cloaks. On Wednesday you’ll be graced with a review from Mr Quintin Smith that I cannot personally wait to have a peek at – I suspect it may be a real hot potato! What does that mean, exactly? Honestly I’ve got no idea, but it certainly feels right.

This Friday’s podcast features Tom and Quinns chatting about two games: Cascadia and Nidavellir, and over the weekend I’ve plans to help remove rubble from a garden and potentially bake a dozen chocolate muffins. 2021: it is all go.

Finally, for “a bit of fun” – let’s take a quick peek at the top five items on BGG’s Hotness, and What We Think About That.

1.     Oath is now shipping! Tom (our resident Rootaholic) is on the case. Early impressions suggest it has A Nice Box.
2.     Robinson Crusoe gets a collectors’ edition – checkout Quinns’ near-ancient review here. Has his opinion changed? No. No no no no no.
3.     Cubitos – Alright so this is probably Tom’s fault, isn’t it? Having also played Cubitos a lot, though, I can 100% confirm that this game is a minimum of Tier-3 Hot.
4.     Fjords matches Beth Sobel’s (WingspanCalicoViticulture) beautiful nature art with game design by Franz-Benno Delonge (Container, Manila) and Phil Walker-Harding (Sushi Go!, Bärenpark, Gizmos), sounds like a pretty exciting formula to us. Kickstarter’s now live, so you can expect coverage from us in the far-flung future.
5.     Lost Ruins of Arnak is one we took a look at last AwSHUX if you’d like a quick overview.

And that’s all of the Monday she wrote! What’s your favourite lost ruin?