This October in Shut Up & Sit Down!

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Tom: October! Spooky Month! This one’s packed with TREATS! No tricks, I promise! It’s candy! Go on, bite it! BITE IT! Mmmmmmmm. Yum. Isn’t that nice? Tasty Tasty Cardboard.

Videos! Let’s talk about those! We’ve got absolutely loads this month – a double bill of Emily sandwiching the second part of myself and Quinns’ Reiner Knizia Special, alongside a playthrough of Undaunted: Normandy previously only seen by donor eyes. How exciting!

Podcasts, as mentioned the other day, will be on hiatus until we’re back from Essen – I’m personally really looking forward to a bit of a spring-clean and sharpen of one of our favourite things to record – as well as getting the promised donor-exclusive episodes rolling.

We’re also hoping to do a few more streams with Emily when we’re back from our convention double-bill, as well as release a new fun batch of bonus bits! We’ve got two more playthroughs, a pilot of a new format, AND a travel vid! Goodness! What a busy month!

What have you been up to, everybody?