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Jules Vernal, the right number of dice, nasty in the pasty
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Ava: Today in Ava’s seasonally-inspired attempts to leverage better moods for everyone, we’ve made it past the equinox! The halfway mark between the solstices, the light finally outweighing the dark (in the northern hemisphere) and the official end of that there winter (sorry southern hemisphere). Let’s get vernal!

I’m deeply excited about this week on Shut Up & Sit Down, and I’m here to see if I can make you be the same. This Tuesday, me, Matt and Tom are taking a(n imaginary) trip to the Rockies with a game of Cascadia! This follow up (of sorts) to Calico promises a whole biosphere of tile-laying trickery, so you’ll probably get an intriguing array of grunts from your beloved stream-hosts. We might even be building streams, on stream! How deep does this rabbit-hole go? That depends how many points it’s worth.

On Wednesday Tom has a review for you about a game that is hitting my own doormat sometime this week and I’m SO excited for the review and the game, because it’s probably the game I’ve had the most fun with this whoooole year. All I can tell you is that we’ve been in the company slack discussing the correct number of dice to roll in a game.

Finally, on Friday, we’re going to be digging into two hefty historical games we’ve had time to try out online in the last few weeks. This week’s podcast is about Stroganov, recently departed from Kickstarter (but still available for pre-order) and Anno 1800, currently only available in German, but coming soon to a shore near you. One’s pretty, and the other’s problematic. One’s solid, the other we’re not so sure of. But I’m not going to spoil the conversation, partly because.. well.. we haven’t had it yet!

Wooo. What a week to bring the season in with! How have you been heralding the spring or preparing for autumn, folks?