No video review this week!

flat matt, binned quinns, some kind of sleepy rhyme with tom, nothing rhymes with ava either what the heck
Quintin Smith 60 comment(s)

Tom: Good morning everybody, and a happy… THURSDAY? Oh no. I have overslept terribly.

Listen, I can explain my tardiness. Each limb of Shut Up & Sit Down digitally assembled earlier in the week to chat about what exciting content we’re putting out, and all we had to show for it was a big collective moan. Well, that and the productive decision to not put out a video this week; sliding our schedule back a notch to make sure everything’s looking less exhausted. It’s ‘the year’, what else can we say?

You can still expect a podcast on Friday – Quinns and I are going to have a little ramble about a smattering of solo RPGs that I’ve been playing over the past couple days and weeks. I think it’ll be a lot of fun, so keep your ears open so that one can crawl in and have itself a home.

Normal video service will resume next week – and until then, stay hydrated! xx