Announcing: The Shirt my Feelings contest winners!

I might secretly want to replace reference pear with reference bear
Paul 106 comment(s)

Paul: Phew, the votes are in! First of all, let me extend our enormous thanks to all of you for taking the time to fill out our polls and to vote for your favourite designs.

The three winners pulled away from the pack with a full quarter of the votes all to themselves, but with over 10,000 votes cast on Facebook, Twitter and Disqus, there was a lot of love for all the designs and it was a tight race. What’s more, the five that came in from fifth to eighth place had a difference of just forty votes between them. At times, it was a tight contest where every vote counted. Are you ready for the final result?

With the highest tally on Facebook and second highest on Twitter, gojacobgo’s retroific riff on our logo and pear had the most overall votes, snatching first place, though you might well have guessed that as it has pride of place at the top of this page!

Behind it, Bishopcdn’s fantastic caricatures of Quinns, Matt and myself as the leaders of Japan took the most votes on Twitter and second most on Facebook.


Third on both Facebook and Twitter (extremely close to taking second each time) was the incredible pear schematic by Kagato. Several canny commentators suggested Fig. B of the reference bear on the back, which we thought would be a lovely layout. Let us know in the comments if you’d enjoy that idea too.


Congratulations to our very talented winners and, once again, our enormous thanks to you all. If all goes well (and if you’d like to see more of this sort of thing), this could be just the beginning of a wonderful journey involving all sorts of new and pretty possibilities. For example, nearly two thirds of you said you’d like to see some mugs in our near future, so we hear you and we’re looking into it! We’re also going to do our best to try to source and make everything that respondents ask for in a way that’s both ethical and practical. It’s our hope that, if you decide to buy a SU&SD product, you’re paying for something that’s both good quality and that avoids being exploitative.

Now, onto the most important details…

Two of our three winners were Australian. This means… something. We’re not sure yet, but there’s likely some sort of pun or observation to be made here. Perhaps something about people on the opposite side of the world understanding us best?

And, perhaps most critically, 45% of the respondents to our additional poll were Praul, which makes me think we may have an outbreak on our hands. It’s a lot of Prauls and, frankly, more than we expected. For everyone’s safety, we’ll be sending out our next updates from The Bunker.