AwSHUX’22 starts today!

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Hello Internet Family!

If you couldn’t make it to SHUX this weekend, we sure will miss you! But have no fear, we have some tasty extra little AwSHUX content just for you!

We’ve brought together a roundup of OVER FORTY GAMES that are brand new or coming out very shortly that we’ve covered in our new-and-improved SHUX Previews format – so while you can’t demo them with us in person, we hope these videos are the next best thing as Matt, Ava and Tom sit across from you at your game table to tell you just how incredible this hobby continues to be!

Have you had your fill of Hot New Board Games? Why not play some games with friends – new and old! We have once again partnered with Tabletopia, who will give you a free 14 days of ultra premium subscription to try everything and anything that they’ve got digitally loaded up (including a couple loaded in just for AwSHUX). Go here and use the code: SHUX14

Want to setup some games or just chat with some other lovely SU&SDy people? You’ll find them on the Discord!

And of course, it wouldn’t be SHUX without podcasts – we’ll be capturing them live at the show and posting them just as soon as we humanly can so you too can hear what Team SU&SD is so excited about in Vancouver Town!

Have a great weekend everybody, and we’ll be back October 10th with our regularly scheduled programming – some really fun reviews slated for the next couple months.