AwSHUX! The time is now!

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Quinns: Hello! Is everybody ready for a three day board game party? We don’t have cake, gifts or music, but we do have board games, card games and (checks notes) even more board games!

The third ever AwSHUX, our free online edition of the SU&SD convention, starts today. Unconvinced? Don’t take my word for it – visit the official site RIGHT NOW and start exploring its many hype-filled chambers and unexpected offerings!

Through that link you’ll find an Aladdin’s cave of content. There are treacherous piles of upcoming games, plenty of shiny new features, and even glimmering giveaways. Here’s a helpful list of what not to miss:

  • Over on our YouTube channel we have just this moment UNLEASHED six videos, each containing a bundle of previews of upcoming games, presented by Tom, Matt and myself. It’s ridiculous. Seriously, there are now hours of new SU&SD content for you to check out.
  • More than 30 hours’ of programming will soon start on our Twitch channel, which for the duration of AwSHUX resembles a SU&SD television channel! We’ve got panels, special guests, game shows, and an absolute boatload of programming where you can watch team SU&SD play unreleased games. Find the schedule in the above header image!
  • But SHUX isn’t just about looking at games, pawing at your monitor like a kitten at a window. This weekend you can play games free on Tabletopia – use the code SHUX2021AGAIN to get 7 days of free Gold Access! Here’s how to apply your coupon code.
  • Can’t find the game you want on Tabletopia? Try these other options: BGA (free), Sovranti (Platinum access through to Nov 30th 2021 with code SHUXfall21), Yucata (free), Boîte à Jeux (free), TTS (buy on steam).
  • Can’t find people to play with? This weekend, you can! If you just head over to the official AwSHUX Discord server you’ll find plenty of “open gaming” channels where you can find people just like you who are looking to set up a game. Alternatively, you can even have games taught to you by the publishers themselves in the #looking-for-demo channel!
  • Finally (and you can expect to hear a lot more about this on the site in the coming days), we’ve only gone and made another official stand alone SU&SD expansion for a game, this time the superb MonsDRAWsity with the fine folks at Deep Water Games. Here’s Tom announcing the project and the KS Notify Me page which I believe goes live on the 26th of this month, but if you’re just totally uncertain as to why you should be excited, you’ll find our podcast chat about Monsdrawsity on episode #123.

And with that, let the organised fun COMMENCE!

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