MinuteWalt: In Memoriam

Matt Lees 10 comment(s)

We talk a lot about community at Shut Up & Sit Down, and that’s because for a while we’ve been aware that it isn’t us that makes this place special: it’s the people who congregate around the fringes of our work that drive us to keep on making more of it. This week we’re extremely sad to report that one of the most beloved members of this community recently passed away, peacefully, after a long-term illness.

MinuteWalt was an integral part of the forums, and while we sadly never got the chance to meet him in person ourselves, from what we’ve seen it is strikingly clear that the light he provided to the forum community went above and beyond everything we care about and strive for: always there to welcome new members, an ear for anyone who needed it, and providing the careful, calm touch required to defuse hot heads; to turn people around.

He was also the kind of person who used a timer to snap a selfie in which they appeared as a mad scientist riding a scooter. Though we never met, it’s safe to say that MinuteWalt was truly one of us.

We would like to offer our condolences to his family, and to those in the community particularly struggling with this unexpected and terrible loss. We were unbelievably lucky to have someone like MinuteWalt spreading his brightness here, and can only offer love and solidarity to those affected in this difficult time.