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Tom: Hello! It’s really me this time, not just a disembodied announcement of my own name. I’m really trying my best, I promise!

We’ve got a nice little week lined up for you! On Wednesday, you can enjoy a video review where I’m going to talk about a little collection of different games that are not at all related. It’s a review roundup! Recorded in slightly slapdash style, I’m hoping it’ll provide a looser alternative to our more robustly structured videos. I finally get to talk about a game that I’ve wanted to sing the praises of for ages! Wahoo! That’ll be Wednesday; or Thursday if the paella I just ate starts to really disagree with me.

Then, on Friday, Ava and I are chatting about Museum: Pictura and Art Decko in our artists special! Enjoy some general nattering about two games we think are just fine, alongside a quick dollop of general art-in-games conjecture! It was a fun one to record and hopefully you’ll treat your ears to our nonsense.

I might also squeak in a little stream this week, if the video is done on time. A casual ramble through some Tunic – because I played a little and found it simply delightful. That’ll happen as and when I work out how to do streams again.

That’s all from us this week! What have you been up to, everybody?


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