This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Tom: Good evening boardgames! Welcome to another wonderful week of Shut Up & Sit Down; where we bring the games into your house and put them on the table and play them with you, but we do not really. Still working on the slogan, there. And the header image, as you can see.

On maybe Wednesday this week, I think I’ll stream some Teardown – the heisty puzzly destructy game that I’ve been waiting to sink my teeth into for a good while now. I was chuckling away to myself playing the first few missions, so you can see some of those chuckles LIVE on Wednesday (maybe).

On Thursday, you can expect A VIDEO. We’ve got two cooking simultaneously, so it’s whoever gets their edit to the finish line first! Place your bets! I’m really bad at writing the tease for these things, but know that both of the games have a ‘B’ in them somewhere. And one of the reviews is for two games – each with its own B. Ferocious.

Friday? It’s pod-day. We’ll talk about ‘some games’ – I have no idea which. I created that really quite ghastly deep dream image for this post to avoid any responsibilities about games that will or will not be covered, but honestly all I’ve done is scare myself. Stick that in your earholes!!

That’s this week! What have you been up to, everybody?

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This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Tom: Monday! Monday! Monday! Don’t let anyone tell you differently, it sure is Monday today. What a day it is to tell you all about what’s going on “This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down”.

On Wednesday, which is another day, Quinns is going to be catapulting a video over your castle walls and slap-bang in the middle of your donjon. You might think that the game in question has a medieval theme but no! I’ve just got castles on the brain and a dictionary at my fingertips.

After missing a TUNIC last week, I should be able to slice off a little time to partake once more, hopefully finishing it sans-secrets. I might do a secret-hunting stream at some point too! Though I’m thinking about switching the combat off after not enjoying that particular part of the game that much, especially whilst streaming.

Aaaand on Friday you can expect some kind of podbeast with myself and Ava, or maybe no podcast at all? Ava has been experiencing turbo-illness, but signs are pointing to hopefully everything being right as rain come Thursday – but if not, you know why!

That’s all this week! If you’ve any questions they will go unanswered! What have you been up to, everybody?  

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This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Tom: SHUX! It’s back, it’s real, it’s in October (and a little bit of September). Matt’s got all the details in this video, but I think I’ve really summarised the event in my handy header image above. You’re welcome.

If you’re into board games and fancy a trip to the astonishing city of Vancouver then do consider getting a ticket to one of the best places to play boardgames ON THE PLANET! Multiple days of great games and great people; I highly recommend it.

But that’s AGES away! You’re dang right it is. You’re here to hear about what’s happening RIGHT NOW! RIGHT NOW ON THIS WEEK ON SHUT UP & SIT DOWN!! LET’S GO!!!

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This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Tom: Hello! It’s really me this time, not just a disembodied announcement of my own name. I’m really trying my best, I promise!

We’ve got a nice little week lined up for you! On Wednesday, you can enjoy a video review where I’m going to talk about a little collection of different games that are not at all related. It’s a review roundup! Recorded in slightly slapdash style, I’m hoping it’ll provide a looser alternative to our more robustly structured videos. I finally get to talk about a game that I’ve wanted to sing the praises of for ages! Wahoo! That’ll be Wednesday; or Thursday if the paella I just ate starts to really disagree with me.

Then, on Friday, Ava and I are chatting about Museum: Pictura and Art Decko in our artists special! Enjoy some general nattering about two games we think are just fine, alongside a quick dollop of general art-in-games conjecture! It was a fun one to record and hopefully you’ll treat your ears to our nonsense.

I might also squeak in a little stream this week, if the video is done on time. A casual ramble through some Tunic – because I played a little and found it simply delightful. That’ll happen as and when I work out how to do streams again. That’s all from us this week! What have you been up to, everybody?

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GAMES NEWS! 20/10/20

Ava: Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom.

Tom: Aaaah. Stop poking me. I’m awake, I’m awake. I thought it was meant to be worm month??

Ava: Tom. It’s TUESDAY. We SLEPT THROUGH THE NEWS. And anyway, worm month was a lie sold to you by the greedy greeting card companies after they accidentally acquired thirty tonnes of sentimental worms after a spelling mistake on their annual words order.

Tom: I’m feel betrayed! But I sympathise. We’ve had similar issues with the Games Newts. Onwards!

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GAMES NEWS! 06/10/20

Ava: Tom, why are there worms everywhere?

Tom shovelling worms: Worm month.

Ava: Right. Do we still do the news in worm month?

Tom hurling worms into a barrel: News for worms.

Ava, grabbing a worm spatula: Makes sense. Let’s get to it. Buffy! Coming soon to Restoration Games’ Unmatched is the slayingest vampire slayer. I would like to formally recognise I am marking myself out as a very particular age by the fact that I consider this news, and had to edit out a Spaced reference.

Tom: I saw that Spaced reference first hand, and let me tell you kids; it wasn’t pretty.

Ava: Too orangey for crows. I guess.

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GAMES NEWS! 15/06/20

Tom: Hey there, reader. Are you excited by news? Do you like boardgames? Do you want to make a fortune through-

Ava: What are you doing.

Tom: Shh! Let me finish my pitch.

…As I was saying – you, the reader, stand to gain cardboard riches beyond compare. How? Well, it’s as simple as the power of positive thinking, and SU&SD’s patented Pear-Shaped Marketing Scheme.

Ava: You’re not meant to tell them the SHAPE of the scheme! They’ll put the pieces together!

Tom: But that’s just the shape of the company! You hired me and Mart, and now I’m hiring the… wait… a moment… Is this a pyra-

Ava: STREAM SCHEDULE! We all love the stream schedule and there is nothing shady to be discovered within it. This week, Matt will be deviating from boardgames to play some Slay The Spire on Tuesday, and then Matt and Tom will duke it out in Dice Throne on Thursday. Then, next week, we’ve got some real corkers – we’ll be playing some Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion on Tuesday, and continuing through MOTHERSHIP on Thursday. Isn’t that all so exciting! Follow our Twitch page now, and you’ll never miss a show. Until you obviously, ineviatably do.

Tom: Ava, it’s so exciting that I’ve forgotten whatever I was just talking about. It’s so exciting that YOU should be a part of it, reader! You just have to mail your entire boardgame collection to the Shut Up and Sit Down offices and soon you’ll be working your way up the corporate ladder that we call home.

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A Message from Our Team

Everybody at Shut Up & Sit Down is finding it very hard to work this week, and we’d imagine that many of you feel the same. We offer love and solidarity to those currently struggling in the face of police brutality – we stand unequivocally with those who rightly demand justice. While the severity of violence towards peaceful protests isn’t an issue our country shares today, Great Britain is equally guilty of allowing systemic racism to thrive – and the culture of our hobby is far from exempt.

As a small show of immediate support, we will be donating all money raised through Twitch streaming this month to Black Lives Matter and The Stephen Lawrence Trust. This is a start, but it is far from enough. This need for action extends beyond this week or this month, and the team remains in serious conversation about how we can make a difference on a more long-term basis. If you already donate via Twitch – you don’t need to do anything. If not, we would ask that you donate directly via the links above.

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The Great SU&SD Migration

Quinns: Shut Up & Sit Down is always experimenting. That means having to consider and reconsider which areas of the site are best serving us and our community.

While the Shut Up & Sit Down Discord, along with the Disqus comments under all of our articles and pages, remain places for folks to meet one another and connect, we’re announcing the closure of our hosted SU&SD forums on May 8th.

Matt: We’re immensely proud of all of the friendships and play-by-forum games that the forums have hatched over the years, to say nothing of the glitz and glamour of the Pearple’s Choice Awards – which we’ll keep hosting on the main site, and give it more prominence here in the future.

There are so many great memories to be found there, and we’d love to make this week a celebration of that fun. Why not post your favourite threads in the comments below?

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Give us your Gloomhaven questions for Isaac Childres!

Matt: With SHUX just three days away, I’m vibrating with excitement at the prospect of getting to quiz designer Isaac Childres about the past – and future! – of the brilliant Gloomhaven at 11:30am on Friday.

But one man can only brain-think so much, so as part of our efforts to host and record the most interesting conversation about the game to date, we would love to field the hottest questions from you: our startlingly clever and good-looking community.

If you leave a question in the comments, we’ll credit you and get answers from the man himself: Big Mr. Isaac.

See you Friday!

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Shutupshow Tweets

This week's review is a treat: Prepare yourself for EVIL MAGIC in this game of All-vs-1 Real-Time Rollin'!

About 4 hours ago from Shut Up & Sit Down's Twitter via Twitter Web App