This August In Shut Up & Sit Down!


I’ve been internally referring to August as ‘Big Month’ for the past few weeks but the more time I spend sort-of-planning-it-out the more I realise a better way to describe it might be ‘CHAOS MONTH’.

We’ve got some videos planned! What are they, and when are they coming out? Science bears no answers.

Podcasts? Oh yeah, we’ve got a few, and they’ll be near your ears… soon? Yeah, probably! Help.

Please bear with us, for August is the month that we’re actually launching the studio stuff to donors at the same time as both Matt and Quinns taking time off. I’m truly laying the train track whilst it runs, Gromit-Style. Wish me luck!


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This March In Shut Up & Sit Down!

Tom: MARCH MARCHES ONWARDS, IT’S KIND OF COLD BUT GETTING NICER. Here’s what’s happening in Shut Up & Sit Down this month!

Very, very, very soon you can expect a video from Quinns on the fabulous indie RPG ‘Alice Is Missing’! If you’re a fan of ‘SU&SD Videos Persuading You To Buy Something’ then boy howdy, it’s a good day to be you. Following that, I’ve got a review in the works covering a smattering of Word Games I’ve been dabbling in recently – and only one of them is a board game! That’s right, we’re getting WEIRD with it!

We’ll see what else March holds, though. I’ve got a little holiday booked, Matt is making his new house have such luxuries as this thing called ‘Electricity’, and Quinns is getting on with what sounds like a very interesting video over on PMG. So we could be in for another slightly slower month whilst we find our feet in 2023. Some hurdles have been cleared already – I’ve moved into my new flat, and had the first good night’s sleep in about a year and a half! Such joy! But there’s still a few things to sort before we can get the schedule back on track. Thanks so much for your patience with this more comfortable schedule whilst we get everything in order.

Podcasts-wise, we hit a small hitch where one member of the team deleted an entire podcast by accident, so we’re one pod down! I won’t reveal the human responsible, but their name starts with a T and ends in an M. But fear not – we’ll work to keep the games flowing! This month, we’ve got what should be a really interesting podcast where myself and Quinns chat about our time playing Mahjong for review, and the reasons that Quinns didn’t want to proceed turning that script into a full on video. There’s potential for a podcast about John Company 2e, if I can find 3 more fools who might want to take on that journey, and I’m thinking about the potential for a Brass: Birmingham retrospective episode now that the game has ascended into the top spot on the BGG top 100. I’m also about to start gathering people into my nice new living room to work through the stacked in-tray that I’ve accrued, which should fill in the gaps.

That’s March! What have you been up to, everybody?

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This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Tom: Hello! We’ve got quite a quiet week here on SU&SD! I’ll waste no time and get straight into what you can (and cannot) expect this week.

No video on Thursday this week – I’m taking another week to get this one ready for human eyes! It’s going to be on two games, it’s going to be quite silly, and it will only contain moderate amounts of gore.

On Friday, you can expect a podcast! Ava and I will be talking about a few of the games we’ve been playing recently, in a non-canon podcast episode before our 200th Episode Special! What can you look forward to in that podventure? I’m not entirely sure yet – leave suggestions down below!

What have you been up to, everybody?

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This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Tom: Triple-crumbs! I’ve continued to get the schedule all muddled! Last week, we were meant to be publishing a review, from me, of a card game (with tokens!) and once again I’ve failed you all. We instead got a video review from Quinns about How To Get Into RPGs – that’s about as far from a card game (with tokens!) as you can get! I guess the only good and proper thing to do is deliver unto thee the proper website copy had that video come out last week:

This Wednesday, expect a video from Quinns about how to get into tabletop roleplaying games! Also, apologies for the perennially sluggish ‘Tom Brewster’ – a worthless grub of a man with no respect for himself. He’ll even sink so low as to call himself a ‘Worthless Grub’ using his own narrative voice! At least get Ava to do it!

Ava: Tom, you’re a worthless grub.

Tom: Hey, that’s me too!

Phew. Glad we got that one sorted. Also this week, you can expect a podcast from myself and Matt all about a few of the games we played recently – including a first impressions of Guards of Atlantis II *two-eyes-doing-the-sideways-look-emoji*

That’s all for this week! Hope you’re all peachy – I went for a big walk in a big valley!! What have you been up to, everybody?

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This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Tom: Good evening boardgames! Welcome to another wonderful week of Shut Up & Sit Down; where we bring the games into your house and put them on the table and play them with you, but we do not really. Still working on the slogan, there. And the header image, as you can see.

On maybe Wednesday this week, I think I’ll stream some Teardown – the heisty puzzly destructy game that I’ve been waiting to sink my teeth into for a good while now. I was chuckling away to myself playing the first few missions, so you can see some of those chuckles LIVE on Wednesday (maybe).

On Thursday, you can expect A VIDEO. We’ve got two cooking simultaneously, so it’s whoever gets their edit to the finish line first! Place your bets! I’m really bad at writing the tease for these things, but know that both of the games have a ‘B’ in them somewhere. And one of the reviews is for two games – each with its own B. Ferocious.

Friday? It’s pod-day. We’ll talk about ‘some games’ – I have no idea which. I created that really quite ghastly deep dream image for this post to avoid any responsibilities about games that will or will not be covered, but honestly all I’ve done is scare myself. Stick that in your earholes!!

That’s this week! What have you been up to, everybody?

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This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Tom: Monday! Monday! Monday! Don’t let anyone tell you differently, it sure is Monday today. What a day it is to tell you all about what’s going on “This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down”.

On Wednesday, which is another day, Quinns is going to be catapulting a video over your castle walls and slap-bang in the middle of your donjon. You might think that the game in question has a medieval theme but no! I’ve just got castles on the brain and a dictionary at my fingertips.

After missing a TUNIC last week, I should be able to slice off a little time to partake once more, hopefully finishing it sans-secrets. I might do a secret-hunting stream at some point too! Though I’m thinking about switching the combat off after not enjoying that particular part of the game that much, especially whilst streaming.

Aaaand on Friday you can expect some kind of podbeast with myself and Ava, or maybe no podcast at all? Ava has been experiencing turbo-illness, but signs are pointing to hopefully everything being right as rain come Thursday – but if not, you know why!

That’s all this week! If you’ve any questions they will go unanswered! What have you been up to, everybody?  

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This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Tom: SHUX! It’s back, it’s real, it’s in October (and a little bit of September). Matt’s got all the details in this video, but I think I’ve really summarised the event in my handy header image above. You’re welcome.

If you’re into board games and fancy a trip to the astonishing city of Vancouver then do consider getting a ticket to one of the best places to play boardgames ON THE PLANET! Multiple days of great games and great people; I highly recommend it.

But that’s AGES away! You’re dang right it is. You’re here to hear about what’s happening RIGHT NOW! RIGHT NOW ON THIS WEEK ON SHUT UP & SIT DOWN!! LET’S GO!!!

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This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Tom: Hello! It’s really me this time, not just a disembodied announcement of my own name. I’m really trying my best, I promise!

We’ve got a nice little week lined up for you! On Wednesday, you can enjoy a video review where I’m going to talk about a little collection of different games that are not at all related. It’s a review roundup! Recorded in slightly slapdash style, I’m hoping it’ll provide a looser alternative to our more robustly structured videos. I finally get to talk about a game that I’ve wanted to sing the praises of for ages! Wahoo! That’ll be Wednesday; or Thursday if the paella I just ate starts to really disagree with me.

Then, on Friday, Ava and I are chatting about Museum: Pictura and Art Decko in our artists special! Enjoy some general nattering about two games we think are just fine, alongside a quick dollop of general art-in-games conjecture! It was a fun one to record and hopefully you’ll treat your ears to our nonsense.

I might also squeak in a little stream this week, if the video is done on time. A casual ramble through some Tunic – because I played a little and found it simply delightful. That’ll happen as and when I work out how to do streams again. That’s all from us this week! What have you been up to, everybody?

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GAMES NEWS! 20/10/20

Ava: Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom.

Tom: Aaaah. Stop poking me. I’m awake, I’m awake. I thought it was meant to be worm month??

Ava: Tom. It’s TUESDAY. We SLEPT THROUGH THE NEWS. And anyway, worm month was a lie sold to you by the greedy greeting card companies after they accidentally acquired thirty tonnes of sentimental worms after a spelling mistake on their annual words order.

Tom: I’m feel betrayed! But I sympathise. We’ve had similar issues with the Games Newts. Onwards!

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GAMES NEWS! 06/10/20

Ava: Tom, why are there worms everywhere?

Tom shovelling worms: Worm month.

Ava: Right. Do we still do the news in worm month?

Tom hurling worms into a barrel: News for worms.

Ava, grabbing a worm spatula: Makes sense. Let’s get to it. Buffy! Coming soon to Restoration Games’ Unmatched is the slayingest vampire slayer. I would like to formally recognise I am marking myself out as a very particular age by the fact that I consider this news, and had to edit out a Spaced reference.

Tom: I saw that Spaced reference first hand, and let me tell you kids; it wasn’t pretty.

Ava: Too orangey for crows. I guess.

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