This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Tom Brewster 21 comment(s)

Tom: Triple-crumbs! I’ve continued to get the schedule all muddled! Last week, we were meant to be publishing a review, from me, of a card game (with tokens!) and once again I’ve failed you all. We instead got a video review from Quinns about How To Get Into RPGs – that’s about as far from a card game (with tokens!) as you can get! I guess the only good and proper thing to do is deliver unto thee the proper website copy had that video come out last week:

This Wednesday, expect a video from Quinns about how to get into tabletop roleplaying games! Also, apologies for the perennially sluggish ‘Tom Brewster’ – a worthless grub of a man with no respect for himself. He’ll even sink so low as to call himself a ‘Worthless Grub’ using his own narrative voice! At least get Ava to do it!

Ava: Tom, you’re a worthless grub.

Tom: Hey, that’s me too!

Phew. Glad we got that one sorted. Also this week, you can expect a podcast from myself and Matt all about a few of the games we played recently – including a first impressions of Guards of Atlantis II *two-eyes-doing-the-sideways-look-emoji*

That’s all for this week! Hope you’re all peachy – I went for a big walk in a big valley!! What have you been up to, everybody?