This March In Shut Up & Sit Down!

Tom Brewster 11 comment(s)

Tom: MARCH MARCHES ONWARDS, IT’S KIND OF COLD BUT GETTING NICER. Here’s what’s happening in Shut Up & Sit Down this month!

Very, very, very soon you can expect a video from Quinns on the fabulous indie RPG ‘Alice Is Missing’! If you’re a fan of ‘SU&SD Videos Persuading You To Buy Something’ then boy howdy, it’s a good day to be you. Following that, I’ve got a review in the works covering a smattering of Word Games I’ve been dabbling in recently – and only one of them is a board game! That’s right, we’re getting WEIRD with it!

We’ll see what else March holds, though. I’ve got a little holiday booked, Matt is making his new house have such luxuries as this thing called ‘Electricity’, and Quinns is getting on with what sounds like a very interesting video over on PMG. So we could be in for another slightly slower month whilst we find our feet in 2023. Some hurdles have been cleared already – I’ve moved into my new flat, and had the first good night’s sleep in about a year and a half! Such joy! But there’s still a few things to sort before we can get the schedule back on track. Thanks so much for your patience with this more comfortable schedule whilst we get everything in order.

Podcasts-wise, we hit a small hitch where one member of the team deleted an entire podcast by accident, so we’re one pod down! I won’t reveal the human responsible, but their name starts with a T and ends in an M. But fear not – we’ll work to keep the games flowing! This month, we’ve got what should be a really interesting podcast where myself and Quinns chat about our time playing Mahjong for review, and the reasons that Quinns didn’t want to proceed turning that script into a full on video. There’s potential for a podcast about John Company 2e, if I can find 3 more fools who might want to take on that journey, and I’m thinking about the potential for a Brass: Birmingham retrospective episode now that the game has ascended into the top spot on the BGG top 100. I’m also about to start gathering people into my nice new living room to work through the stacked in-tray that I’ve accrued, which should fill in the gaps.

That’s March! What have you been up to, everybody?