This week on shut up & sit down…

pasta construction, star scrumping, the adventures of covidboy
Matt Lees 43 comment(s)

Matt: It’s Monday Night, the stars are out, and I’ve just baked enough lasagne to feed a whale. But what else is going on this week, huh? HUH?

Our Tuesday streams got a bit de-railed over the last few weeks, but we’re back on track with the stuff that we missed: tomorrow we’ll be streaming Star Scrappers: Orbital over on our Twitch channel! It’s by the designer of Terraforming Mars – should be an interesting one! This week’s review is a game that had Quinns appear in the company Slack not too long ago saying: “I just had one of my gaming experiences of the year” – so you’ll not want to miss that one, either…

Finally, this Friday’s podcast will feature the tales and exploits of Mr Tom Brewster – the superhero who was able to visit the UK Games Expo just this weekend, after being bitten by a radioactive spider that had covid, getting covid, and temporarily having immunity to covid that allowed him to comfortably exist in public spaces. Pow! He’s my favourite superhero, I can’t wait to see him get his time in the spotlight within the wider MCU.

Finally, I’ll take a brief moment to highlight something from LAST week on SU&SD: this special edition of the podcast in which I interviewed Andrew Navaro was a pleasure to record, and we’re incredibly lucky to have had someone of his experience provide such an array of candid and clear thoughts on both the past and future of the industry. I think it’s really worth a listen.

What have you folks been up to lately? I’ve been chipping away at a little project to organise and store all my TI4 stuff in the main box – I’m a sucker for little construction projects. It’s like they always say: If it isn’t lasagne, it’s only something else.