This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

oh no, it went all cursed, make it stop
Tom Brewster 28 comment(s)

Tom: Good evening boardgames! Welcome to another wonderful week of Shut Up & Sit Down; where we bring the games into your house and put them on the table and play them with you, but we do not really. Still working on the slogan, there. And the header image, as you can see.

On maybe Wednesday this week, I think I’ll stream some Teardown – the heisty puzzly destructy game that I’ve been waiting to sink my teeth into for a good while now. I was chuckling away to myself playing the first few missions, so you can see some of those chuckles LIVE on Wednesday (maybe).

On Thursday, you can expect A VIDEO. We’ve got two cooking simultaneously, so it’s whoever gets their edit to the finish line first! Place your bets! I’m really bad at writing the tease for these things, but know that both of the games have a ‘B’ in them somewhere. And one of the reviews is for two games – each with its own B. Ferocious.

Friday? It’s pod-day. We’ll talk about ‘some games’ – I have no idea which. I created that really quite ghastly deep dream image for this post to avoid any responsibilities about games that will or will not be covered, but honestly all I’ve done is scare myself. Stick that in your earholes!!

That’s this week! What have you been up to, everybody?