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Tom: Oh no, oh crumbs, I got the schedule all muddled. Last week we were meant to be publishing a review from me about a card game (with tokens!) but instead, this usually reputable Monday Post News failed you. Instead, we all got a video from Matt about spreadsheet-’em-up Khora: Rise of an Empire – so I suppose I’ll Monday-Post in a way that suggests that video is coming out this week.

This Wednesday, expect a video from Matt about a game packed with tracks, brimming with digits, and overflowing with decisions! Wowee! Isn’t that just so exciting – and entirely different to a ‘regular card game’ that you might play with your hands and brain!

Hope that addresses the balance neatly. This week there will surely be a video about that card game folks, don’t you miss it.

Podcast-wise? It’s all a bit of a mystery! Myself and Matt have been so deep in the SHUX-Preview videomines that we’ve neglected to play any games – with two members of the team completely gameless, we’ll have to speedily scrounge something up! Maybe myself and Quinns will talk about Arkham and Paris: La Cite de la Lumiere as promised last episode? Who, indeed, is to say.

That’s all for this week! What have you been up to, everybody?


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