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Mysterious, Mystery Zone, Mystery Kevin
Matt Lees 22 comment(s)

Matt: Hello! I’m crawling my way out of the Covid mines and am Technically Ready™  to do stuff again! This week on the website we’ve got another collection tour video. Ooh, very exciting! I’d offer further details, but I’m enjoying the mystery of it all too much. Will it be a collection of board games, or hedges, or eggs? Who will be the owner of the collection? Will it be Mystery Kevin, from Mystransylvania?

The mysteries continue: We’ve also got, potentially, another Tunic stream with Tom this week – You can watch the last bits as VODs on Twitch: give the channel a follow if you want to be notified if and when he’s logging on for more chill times.

Finally, Friday’s podcast features Memoir 44: New Flight Plan, Illumination and possibly more?! Who can truly know what lies within the heart of pod?

I must depart the mystery zone now, as there are too many mysteries and I am getting scared. What are you getting up to this week, and how scared are you about that on a scale of 1 to 10?