This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Ava’s Mean Time, cosy tunic, hair pixie
Tom Brewster 16 comment(s)

Ava: It’s Monday I’m in love! That’s the song, right? Because it’s about the fact that my pal’s been visiting and it means I spent an entire day playing my favourite game, and only just remembered I have a job to do. Just another magic monday? That’s another song. I’m sure of it.

But that’s enough about me, let’s find out what Shut Up & Sit Down is doing to keep the magic alive this week.

On Tuesday Tom’s diving back into Tunic for more cosy little livestream action. It’s not a boardgame, but it is adorable, and so’s Tom, so it should be nice. He’s popping on stream intermittently at the moment and I’ve only got to jump into chat a little bit, but it looks proper cosy.

Wednesdayish is review dayish! Matt’s got a little treat for everybody, like the hairy pixie he is. We’ll keep a lid on what he’s mixing up, not least because you never know when a plan might change!

Finally Friday, that wearisome end to the week, will be brightened just a little by the chance to listen to some voices! Quinns and Tom have got a couple of two word games on the tips of their tongues. Crescent Moon looks like another delightful fighty treat from Osprey, and I don’t know anything about Bear Raid, but presumably there’s bears, doing raids! I’ll have to tune in on Friday to be able to actually pretend to know what I’m talking about.

How did you stave off the weary wait this weekend?