This week on Shut Up & Sit Down…

Does my selection box have a good insert, Tweatch Dot Com, Fear and Oathing
Tom Brewster 36 comment(s)

Tom: Welcome to the 15th Annual ‘This week on Shut Up & Sit Down’ weekly post! What joyous little treats have we got in our selection box this week? Just three meagre morsels? To be honest, I’d be disappointed too if my selection box only came with three chocolates/cheeses/’adventuremeats’, but what else can I tell you buddy; that’s just Brexit.

Tuesday night? Myself and Matt ‘The Lees’ Lees will be going tea-to-tea in Chai: Toe for 2! Wait, no! It’s Chai Tea for Toe! Wait, no! Tea for 2! You can catch that on our Twitch channel, and you can be thankful for that untainted hyperlink after I decided that a portmanteau of Tea and Twitch into “Tweatch” didn’t deserve a regal blue glow. I’m an asset to the team, I promise.

Wednesday? I can only promise that there will be a video review! Expect talk of cards, dice, and violence – all under one roof. Quinns will be delivering a barrage of white-hot content directly into your eyeballs… if you dare!

Friday? Oh boy, it’s a big one. Ava and I are going to be chatting all things Oath in a podtastrophe of opinions and lingo. I’ve only gone and done 4 entire pages of notes for this one, so keen am I to get across my [opinions] on this [adjective] game!

Hoooo boy, what an exciting week of good good content. What’s exciting in your week, everybody?