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cosycore will never die but you will, full-but-small, titularly teensy
Quintin Smith 24 comment(s)

Ava: Ooh, look, this week’s this week is going to be as compact as I can manage, because I’m rewriting the intro after noticing that everything’s got some kind of ‘small’ in it. Squeeze yourself into your tightest pants and squash straight into this most minuscule message….

That’s because Tuesday night I’m going to be on our Twitch channel with Matt and Tom, playing Tiny Turbo Cars from Horrible Guild. This is a recently-kickstarted game from the publishers of King’s Dilemma and Railroad Ink. Tiny Turbo Cars has you fiddling with a sliding puzzle and using it to pre-program the moves of the titularly teensy conveyances as they race around the kitchen floor. It sounds neat! I’m excited to find out how neat.

Wednesday is review day, and Matt is building a colourful edifice of a review for you, which I’m excited for, because I already own it, and it’s a surprisingly full-but-small box. I shall say no more.

Then Friday we’ll be podding our hearts away. Me and Matt are ready to record what I’m tentatively titling the ‘cosycore’ podcast, with a look at some gentle games with nice things in. Gardens and cupboards. Ooooh, lovely (and a bit of a break after last week’s sprawling massivenesses).

So that’s the pint-sized line-up for this week! Any of that float your cosy? What’s the smallest lovely thing you did this weekend? What’s your favourite cupboard?