This week on Shut Up & Sit Down…

we were booking a special con for the editorial team, it's gonna be so good, can you believe
Quintin Smith 56 comment(s)

Quinns: Oh gosh! British society is slowly opening up again like a grouchy flower, which means team SU&SD was so busy planning board game meetups yesterday we plum forgot to tell you what’s coming up on the site. That must be fixed, because let me tell you- this is gonna be a strong week.

Tonight you can look forward to an eldritch battle over on our Twitch channel, with Tom and Matt bashing their brains against one another in a live match of Cthulhu Wars: Duel. This is the new, cheaper, 2 player-only edition of Cthulhu Wars, which I covered in a special Christmas review back in 2019. I barely knew Tom back then, but that didn’t stop me from (a) dressing him up as a ghost and (b) making him sprint around outside my building. What a good lad.

Tomorrow our video reviews return with a bang, with Tom covering an early contender of our game of the year. I shall say no more.

Finally, on Friday we’re releasing a podcast that I can’t wait to record- it’s a double feature talking about two very ambitious  games, the shockingly-asymmetric Merchant’s Cove and the shocking-looking Coffee Traders. Although I guess both are games are about being “Stressed traders”, which would make this.. the stressed trader-cast?

Have a lovely week, everyone!