Games News! 15/12/14

the corpse annex, bow of the bowman +1, trapped birds, candlepower
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Quinns: Morning everybody! Our cover photo today is of L’Auberge Rouge (“the Red Inn”), a gorgeous-looking game coming next year from venerable Belgian publisher Pearl Games. It looks like you’ll all be running incredibly creepy pubs.

Brendan: oh god what day is it

Quinns: Brendan?! What are you doing under the desk? The Top 25 wrap party is over. You should be at home.

Brendan: i had the worst dream. i reviewed board games for a living

Quinns: Hey, I’ve got a great idea. You can help me do the weekly Games News! Here, pull up a chair.

Brendan: oh no

Quinns: We don’t know anything about L’Auberge Rouge yet, but just take a look at the powers on the cards. “From now on, you can bribe two peasants in the bistro in a single action.” “Each of your annexes can accomodate one additional corpse.” Always a nice bonus if you’re in the market for an annex.

Brendan: what are you talking about

Quinns: Ha! That’s right, Brendan.

Dark Seas

Dark Seas is the other new game announced this week. Having plundered the popular portions of today’s board game scene, it’s a game that brings together pirates, custom dice and hex placement, with players mapping out a “plundering route” of hexes, and then… presumably the dice are involved at some point.

Doesn’t that sound fun?!

Brendan: stop being so cheery

Quinns: You gotta stay positive for the Games News, Brendolio! It’s our healthy start to the week!

Brendan: i feel like i have a bird trapped in my head, quinns

Quinns: …

Brendan: the bird is dying

The village

Quinns: …So uh, do you remember Village? The lovely worker placement game we reviewed where you do your best to drag several generations out of the much? We loved it for its poignance. Having to physically place your mum in the graveyard was some next-level shit.

The first expansion pack added a pub, which was marvelous, and the second is almost upon us! Village Port adds a nice port, as well as “life goals” for your family members, so you have to spend endless resources humouring your son who wants to become a Knight.

For me the only bum note is that if you send your children off to be missionaries then they can dig up “treasure chests” on distant islands. My favourite thing about this game was its deathly plausibility. I don’t want my kid to be a warrior. I want to groom him for a miserable life in the cartwright business.

Brendan: can i have some water

Quinns: I feel you man, and the wait’s almost over! Village Port will be arriving in North America this January.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf DAYBREAK

This one’s a bit of a public service announcement!

Fans of One Night Ultimate Werewolf (#12 on our Top 25 Games EVER list) and backers of One Night Ultimate Werewolf DAYBREAK will want to keep their eyes peeled for the above sheet of bonus counters, which will add three new roles and three new artifacts to the game, including something called the Bow of the Hunter! So, a normal bow then.

If you’re anything like me you’ll need to own every slip of cardboard for this wonderful game, even if you never play with it. And that’s fine. No shame in being a collector. What do you like to collect, Brendan?

Brendan: grievances

Ten candles

Quinns: And finally, Ten Candles is yet another amazing-looking role-playing game Kickstarter. This time around it’s a “tragic horror time-based” game that’s been in development for over 3 years and is played by the light of, yes, ten candles.

Everybody plays Call of Cthulu for those moments when your characters have gotten so close to some grand, unpronounceable evil that they start to crack. As far as I can tell Ten Candles starts at that moment, and while the players know that they will die in this sunless world, before that happens you’ll get discover what you’re capable of when pushed to the very brink of despair.

Brendan: i wonder what i’m capable of at the very brink of despair

Quinns: Anything and everything, Brendan. Anything and everything.

Brendan: *vomits*