SHUX is here, normal service will be resumed next week!

Three Men on a Boat, Three Men in Canada, Three Men and a Mountie
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Paul: Hello everyone! SHUX 2018 is now just four days away, looming like a mountain in the mist, so we won’t be putting any new or posts up on the site this week. Instead, the whole team is sat around a table as I write this to do last minute prep, which includes everything from rolling up characters for live RPGs to making sure the compass arrow on the convention map really is pointing North. Is it? FIND OUT ON FRIDAY.

We’ve been beating back the jetlag by hanging out in Canada and I thought you’d like to know these pre-SHUX facts, or PSFAX, about our experience here:

  • We took a lovely boat trip where we saw orca and seals.
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police tried to radio our boat and stop us for an inspection, but our radio was tuned to the wrong channel and, just as they called, we made a U-turn which apparently didn’t look good to the police.
  • We got stopped and boarded.
  • It turns out that Young Matt was a big fan of Due South (spoilers!) and mounties, so was excited that he met one.
  • Look it’s really not as bad as it sounds.
  • Quinns walked a dog.
  • I’m doing fine thanks for asking.
  • Actually I think I lost my coat, but I might be getting it back today.

Things should (mostly) be back to the way they used to be by next week (I’m digging a tunnel and Quinns has managed to smuggle in a chisel). If you’re coming to SHUX then we’ll see you this weekend, and if you’re still on the fence, we do have a few tickets left but we’re almost sold out, so don’t delay!