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SHUX returns to the Vancouver Convention Centre for 2018! We’ll be giving talks and playing games with our lovely fans and fellow boardgamers. We have a larger expo area showcasing our favourite publishers, a 750 seat theatre for panels and cool talks, and of course a sea of tables for playing games and meeting new friends! We’ll bring back our impressive roster of special guests, organized megagaming and party games, the game library, and a surprise or two to boot!


Friday October 12th to Sunday October 14th, 2018!


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Cool Guests

  • 25 dollar donation
  • Nightfall
  • Matt
  • Philippa -Pip- Warr
  • Alan Gerding
  • No Pun Included
  • Jonathan Ying
  • Tim Fowers
  • Isaac Vega

Alan is a psychology professor that designs games and draws inappropriate comics. His gaming journey began with playtesting for others. This naturally led to designing games on his own. Then, one fate spangled evening, he met Sean McCoy in Las Vegas. Their love was hard and fast, and since he had already proposed to his girlfriend using a tabletop game, he felt that an equally appropriate proposal for Sean was a partnership in which they would publish beautiful games. They wanted to make games that would inspire and echo the fun they found in their own togetherness.

Elaine & Efka are No Pun Included, or in Quintin Smith’s words: “the second best board game reviewers in the world.” Obviously they are flattered and take umbrage with that quote at the same time and ever since they have been looking for an opportunity to challenge it. Is their bio blurb on the SHUX convention page the right place to do it? Perhaps. Perhaps it’s misguided or perhaps it’s a quirky meta attempt at humour. Either way, everything is an experiment with these two and so is this.

Jonathan is a game designer, author, and illustrator currently residing in sunny San Diego. His design credits include Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Warhammer 40k, Forbidden Stars, DOOM the Board Game, A Game of Thrones the Trivia Game, Nickelodeon’s Splat Attack, and Bargain Quest. He has strong opinions on competitive game design, fictional narrative structure, and soup dumplings.

Tim is a designer of board and video games. He loves creating unique experiences through games. He loves mixing boardgames and videogames in unexpected ways. He is the creator of the chinese restaurant boardgame Wok Star, the word-deckbuilders Paperback & Hardback, the heist boardgame Burgle Bros and Fugitive the deduction game.

Isaac is a strong, proud, independent woman that don’t need no man. He has an unhealthy addiction to Anime and has been black listed by Square-Enix due to his obsessive fascination with Final Fantasy. After being introduced to Plaid Hat Games, by his overly intrusive mother back in 2010, Colby Dauch has taken this budding designer under his wing and propelled Isaac into the wonderful world of board games. As the designer of Dead of Winter, Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, Starship Samurai, and other hits, Isaac Vega is true force of gaming.

Nels started Caledonia, a video game studio working on its first (unannounced) title. Previously he was a game designer for Firewatch, lead designer on Mark of the Ninja, and is probably Canada’s only game developer born & raised in Wyoming. He is one half of Canada’s greatest Netrunner podcast, Terminal7.

Josh has been playing tabletop games since he was 8, when he received a copy of the Holmes D&D box, and hasn’t stopped since. He’s the designer of Fox in the Forest and Foresight and co-designer of Hocus, and has developed games for several companies.

Aaron is a teacher-librarian who spends way too much time thinking about tabletop gaming. He has been trying to use board games in his library more and more, because who doesn’t want to play board games while doing their job, right? He has been producing the Boards Alive podcast for the last 4 1/2 years. He also listens to way too many gaming podcasts and knows more than he should about all the hot new games. Aaron loves to play RPGs as well, both GMing and playing as a character, and he’s always looking for a way to make his RPG experience more immersive.

Linsae’s dream gaming night would be a rousing RPG session surrounded by frosty beverages and lots of snacks, but as she is surrounded by board game enthusiasts, she is often forced to try new games and then talk about them on the Boards Alive Podcast. Linsae despises people or games that take themselves too seriously, and she is probably most well known (and loved) for her negative zingers, Linsae Reviews. Last year, Linsae began running her own mini-podcast on the Boards Alive channel, It’s DATENIGHT, a short show that focuses on games to play with your favourite date.

Hey, y’all. I’m Maggi! I’m stationed in Seattle talking about board games and MTG. My favorite game is Dominant Species, my most-played is probably Innovation. My favorite designer is easily Stefan Feld!

Jay Cormier is the less Asian half of the handsome game designer duo known as the Bamboozle Brothers. Together they have almost taken over the world with their infamous designs (note: change ‘taken over’ to ‘been noticed by’ and ‘infamous’ with ‘pretty decent’). Their biggest game is Belfort. Belfort and Akrotiri. Two…their two biggest games are Belfort and Akrotiri…and Junk Art. Three…Their three biggest games are Belfort, Akrotiri and Junk Art….and Rock Paper Wizard….Damn. Amongst their designs, they have such diverse elements as Belfort, Akrotiri, Junk Art and Rock Paper Wizard and But Wait There’s More…I’ll come in again.

Jay Cormier is the less Asian half of the handsome game designer duo known as the Bamboozle Brothers. Together they have designed a lot of games.

Jay has taught game design at Vancouver Film School for the last 5 years. He has also designed multiple escape rooms for corporate purposes. Basically, if it’s game related, Jay has done it or wants to do it!

Quinten is an elementary teacher who, while trying to teach kids the basics, is also trying to show them the essentials of gaming and having fun. He is half of the Boards Alive Podcast where he pretends to know what he’s talking about. He always loves playing board games and tabletop RPGs and tries to immerse himself in them whenever possible. Even when not playing games he is at least listening to more podcasts than he can keep up with. Quinten hopes to be involved in the hobby for as long as the hobby will let him, which hopefully will be forever!

Alex is a game designer based in Brooklyn. He makes the games Monikers, Pitch Deck, and some other ones that he’ll show you if you ask. Before working in games, Alex helped start Kepler, a Rwanda-based university network that combines online and offline courses to reduce the cost of higher education in Africa.

Mandi is a member of The Dice Tower Team where she co-hosts the bi-weekly Dice Tower podcast with Suzanne Sheldon and also appears on The Dice Tower’s Monday night “Teach and Plays” with co-host Michael Corneau. She also creates video reviews with co-host Caryl Tan on the To Die For Games YouTube Channel, of which she is the Founder. Mandi likes to be busy so some of her other hobbies include: snowboarding, football, makeup artistry and sewing. Favourite games that you can find on her shelf are: Viticulture, Food Chain Magnate, Caverna and Trajan, just to name a few. She enjoys pinup fashion and is easily recognizable by her hair colour.

Sen is the short, Asian half of the versatile tabletop design team, the Bamboozle Brothers.  They have covered a diverse range of games from the Euro strategy game Belfort to But Wait, There’s More!, a party game about pitching wacky products, to the 2-player Akrotiri, to Junk Art, a family-friendly dexterity game.  As Sen has gained critical success in the industry, he has been asked to design games featuring some of fandom’s most beloved properties such as Orphan Black (with Jay Cormier), The Legend of Korra (with Jessey Wright), and Dungeons & Dragons: Rock Paper Wizard (with Jay Cormier and Josh Cappell).  He is highly sought-after as a developer to add that final “je ne sais quoi” and bring other people’s games to completion. Sen has also begun to put pen to paper on the RPG side of tabletop design, contributing scenarios and settings to Kids on Bikes (the brainchild of Doug Levandowski and Jonathan Gilmour) and Gears of Defiance (from indie stalwart Ryan Schoon).

Sen is a well-regarded personality in the design-o-sphere, co-hosting The Meeple Syrup Show webcast and speaking academically at the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier and as a panelist or moderator at Gen Con, SHUX, Breakout Con, FanExpo, GenreCon, Forest City ComiCon, AnimeNorth, ProtoTO and ProtoATL. He loves talking about game design, so reach out anytime!

Mike Selinker is the developer of such games as Lords of Vegas, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Unspeakable Words, and Betrayal at House on the Hill. He’s the president of the Seattle game company Lone Shark Games, whose games include the recently released Apocrypha Adventure Card Game, The Maze of Games puzzle novel, and the new Ninth World and Thornwatch games. Mike also dabbles in politics with his advocacy group Basket of Adorables and their satire book The Ghastlytrump Tinies.

Jesse is a software engineer, game designer, and comedy writer in Seattle. He’s been designing and running megagames for the last 5 years, and somehow no one has made him stop. In his free time he does improv, plays social games, and tricks his friends into doing improv via social games.

Beth is a board game illustrator living in Bellingham, WA, with her husband and two unruly cats. Her hobbies include board gaming and… well, that’s mostly it. Almost entirely board gaming, and an occasional tromp around nature. She’s also not very good at writing about herself in third person. She supposes she could practice, but there are board games to be played, and she has priorities.

Justin is a game designer based in Chicago. He is the co-creator of Monikers and is working on a couple new tabletop projects that focus on strong player interaction and collaboration. Outside of games, Justin is a cool dad and public interest attorney working in environmental law.

Fred is a narrative designer and RPG writer with over 15 years in the industry. He spent 12 years as one of the Story Leads for the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game and roleplaying game. Since then, he has written and consulted for both the tabletop and video game industries. Some of his current projects include working with Muse Games as a narrative consultant, writing for the Mutants & Masterminds RPG, and being a member of the Story Team for the Doomtown CCG. He regularly speaks at conventions such as PAX West, Magfest, and Shut Up & Sit Down Expo about gaming industry topics and storytelling in games.

Josh is an editor and usability developer, working to bring clarity and ease to learning and playing games. He’s edited or developed over a hundred games, including Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right and the second edition of Kingsburg, and he’s currently deep in the trenches with Vast: The Mysterious Manor. He’s entirely too likely to be found drinking orange-vanilla seltzer and gets really too hyped if you give him more than a little caffeine, so be careful.

Eric Zimmerman is a veteran game designer with more than 2 decades of industry experience. For nine years, he ran his own award-winning studio Gamelab, which helped invent casual games with hit titles like Diner Dash, as well as make innovative games like Gamestar Mechanic, an online community that lets players create games. Pre-Gamelab titles include the PC title Gearheads and the indie pioneer SiSSYFiGHT 2000. In recent years, Eric has created game installations with architect Nathalie Pozzi for museums including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC. He designs tabletop games like the card game Metagame (with Local No. 12) and the strategy boardgame Quantum. Eric is the co-author of Rules of Play and the Game Design Reader and co-founded The Institute of Play, a nonprofit that opened a school in NYC based on games and play as the model for learning. He is a founding faculty and Arts Professor at the NYU Game Center.

and many more still to be announced!



Bigger and Better Demo & Exhibition Hall

FFG-Logo-Blue logo_zman_noirplaid-hat-games_logoelzra_site_logo_web_smallStarlit Citadel dicebardlogo

Try and buy the latest and greatest board games and RPGs. Last year we had piles of exclusive unreleased games demoed at the show, including TI4, Fallout, Stuffed Fables, Meeple Circus, and Edge of Darkness. You can expect a lot of Essen previews and great upcoming/new releases again this year!

Are you a publisher, designer or indie interested in coming? Contact us for details on how to join the con!


Games Library and Looking-For-Group Lounge

Lots of tables for gaming means we need lots of games to play on them! We’ll again have a nice big library of games for you to checkout and try. This year we’ll have a focus on new releases and games recommended by SU&SD.

We’ll have a “play to win” section again this year, where you can win games by playing them! And an area dedicated to matching up gamers looking for a group.

Last year a lot of people asked if they could leave their games at the show overnight. We’ve teamed up with the PAX engineering team to bring in a new system that will allow you to check-in your games to the library (if you’re ok with other attendees checking them out to play), and get them back at the end of the show.


Panels & Podcasts

Join Team Shut Up & Sit Down and special guests for interesting talks, live stage shows, and lots of other surprises and features. You can be sure they’ll be action packed and full of fun!

Here’s one of our favourites from last year:

If you’d like to submit a panel or podcast please let us know here, and we will send you the submission forms when they are available. All submissions will be reviewed by our Master of Ceremonies, Paul Dean himself. We already have a lot of events planned, so we can’t guarantee that you will get a slot, but we’d love to take a look!


Workshops & Social Games

Have you ever wanted to design your own board game? Have you ever wondered what it takes to publish a board game, or run a Kickstarter campaign? Or how about learning a game directly from Quinns or someone else in the SU&SD crew? The workshop room is an extension of some of the cool events we couldn’t quite run last year due to size constraints.

We’ll also be bringing back our big social games, like Two Rooms and a Boom and the Wits & Wagers game show run by the designers themselves! Meet new friends and negotiate your way to victory with dozens of other guests.

If you’d like to submit a workshop or mini-megagame please let us know here, and we will send you the submission forms when they are available. All submissions will be reviewed by our Master of Ceremonies, Paul Dean himself. We already have a lot of games and events planned, so we can’t guarantee that you will get a slot, but we’d love to take a look!



Join Seattle MegaGames for a full day of intrigue and subterfuge! There will be a different game each day, so pick the one that excites you the most. All con events are included in your ticket price except the MegaGames, these will have an additional fee similar to last year (~$60). We will let all attendees know when MegaGame tickets become available via email.


Trade Games

Trade games with other attendees through our Math Trade. A Math Trade is a fancy word for a swap, bring games you want to trade away and if someone wants them you will get games on your wish list. If no one has what you want, you won’t trade your game. Simple as that!


& lots more!

Keep an eye on twitter and this page for updates.

SHUX’18 @ The Vancouver Convention Centre (East Building)



We have partnered with 3 neighbouring hotels to accommodate our growth. These are lovely hotels and have given us special rates for the weekend of our show (all in Canadian Dollars).

The Marriott Pinnacle Downtown
Our group rates are: $219-$269.

The Coast Coal Harbour Hotel
Our group rates are: $204.

The Pinnacle Hotel
Our group rates are: $219-$279.

If you are having issues with any of the blocks feel free to email us.

Other close hotels are: the Pan Pacific Vancouver, the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, the Fairmont Pacific Rim, the Loden Hotel, the Auberge Hotel, and the Days Inn.

If downtown Vancouver prices make you blush, there is a hostel about 5 blocks away. Or why not find a roommate on the forum?

One of the best things about VCC is that it’s right on the SkyTrain, and the SkyTrain is great. You can check Airbnb in areas like Commercial Drive, Mount Pleasant and even Burnaby and commute in via SkyTrain in less than 30 minutes.


Getting There

Coming from the airport? Take the SkyTrain! It stops just a block away from the Convention Centre at Waterfront Station. Cabs are fixed fare from the airport. There is also paid parking at the venue if you are driving.


Food & Beverage

The Vancouver Convention Centre will have food options in the venue, but there’s a host of other excellent restaurants and food courts nearby. Outside food is not allowed in the venue itself, but there’s loads of great options just steps away.



Babies under 2 years old are welcome and free to attend, but unfortunately we can’t offer any specialist childcare facilities on-site. Please be cognizant and respectful of the enjoyment and needs of attendees who choose to bring babies or small children. Families and children age 2-12 are also welcome, but we are unfortunately not able to offer discount ticket rates at this time.


What people loved about SHUX’17

Just meeting other board gamers from all over the world and feeling like we all spoke the same language regardless of where they came from.

The whole atmosphere of the weekend. Everyone was there to have a great time and play games with whoever wanted to, and were so welcoming and enthusiastic. Also getting a photo of Matt making an egg for me while Quinns watches, I don’t usually go in for the hero worship stuff but it’s hard not to get a little starry eyed around the SUSD team because you all seem like so much fun to be around. Oh, and the gang being so friendly and funny during the closing ceremony despite being so obviously completely shattered was gold.

Being taught to play 5 new games by their designers. Talking to so many people in the games industry. Playing prototypes.

Working on a game design with great people, who previous to the amazing “Design With Your Hair On Fire” activity on Saturday morning, were complete strangers to me. I’ve actually befriended a couple from Seattle that was on my team and got to speak with Isaac Vega about submitting fledgling game ideas to him for review and advice. That kind of support, and the friendship thing are what made the 5 hour flight more than worth it. We had a very short chat but getting a chance to chat with Quinns for a very generous amount of time and Matt for a shorter bit was extremely cool as well.

Every time my partner and I sat down to play a game someone would come up to us and ask to join. It was great! Got to make some really cool friends because of it.

*Feedback was collected anonymously.

Important Details – Please Read!

  1. Tickets are priced in Canadian and US Dollars, please pick the ticket in your home currency to avoid or minimize exchange fees.
  2. Payment methods available at checkout for USD transactions are VISA and MasterCard.
  3. Payment methods available at checkout for CAD transactions are VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and UnionPay.
  4. All purchases are subject to Goods & Services Tax of 5%.
  5. Ticket sales will be billed immediately at checkout. You will receive an electronic receipt by email and pickup your physical badge when you check-in in Vancouver. If you did not receive a receipt please check your junk mail or confirm your purchase with us.
  6. Tickets are transferable, please CC us on an email from the original purchaser email with the full name and email address of the person the ticket/s are being transferred to.
  7. If you wish to cancel an order at a later date please email us and we will be able to refund the tickets, but will take a fee to cover our transaction costs of both the sale and the refund. These costs will be $20.00 USD or $25.00 CAD for General Admission tickets. This saves us from having to build cancellation costs into our ticket prices.
    1. We will not be able to refund tickets within thirty days of the start of the event (midnight PST September 12th).
  8. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out this form. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]. You’ll need to be available Thursday evening for training and scheduling. You’ll be on your feet for long hours and won’t have as much time for playing games, so make sure you’re up for a long and taxing weekend before signing up! But you’ll also be pivotal to this whole thing working out <3 <3 ! Volunteers do not need to buy a ticket. We’ll be sending out an organizational survey closer to October.
  9. If you are interested in booth space or sponsorship opportunities at SHUX please email us at [email protected].
    • If you’re a small indie company we’d love to have you there. We will have an “Indie Ave.” where you can book a table for one day of the con.
    • For larger publishers or those looking for a more permanent instillation we have booth space available for booking.
    • We also have sponsorship opportunities for publishers and industry companies.
  10. We are selling 1800 general admission all-ages tickets (possibly more, dependent upon demand), and 20 Gold Badges:
    1. General Admission tickets cost $150.00 USD or $189.00 CAD each and permit entrance for October 12-14 and everything going on inside (except for the MegaGames, which are sold separately).
    2. MegaGame tickets will be sold separately. We are excited to have the Seattle MegaGame Society returning to organize and run these room-sized full-day events. Tickets will go on sale around July, and we’ll send an email notification to all GA ticket holders when they are available.
  11. Outside food is not allowed in the venue.
  12. This con is being run 100% separately from our day-to-day running of Shut Up & Sit Down. We’re involved in every step but have a ton of people helping out behind the scenes. Thanks to all the incredible volunteers for helping make this happen for a second year!


Questions? [email protected]