Announcing the SU&SD Expansion for Monikers!

it's a box of fun, just put it in your pocket, slide it in
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Quinns: Everybody, we’ve got a Kickstarter we’d like to point you towards! Do you all remember Monikers, the effortlessly funny and accessible party game? How would you like an expansion for it created ENTIRELY by the cast of Shut Up & Sit Down?

Ooh, yes! The Shut Up & Sit Down Nonsense Box (this is the link you click on) (click it!) is no less than 112 cards that were dreamed up and playtested by… us! We didn’t get the memo that the card descriptions were only supposed to be informative, so we made those really funny too. Oops.

Don’t have the Monikers base game? Not a problem. The Nonsense Box is a standalone game, or you can chuck the base game onto your pledge as an add-on.

A micro-FAQ follows, after the jump!

Q: How did this come about?

A: The Monikers guys asked us and it just made sense! If you’re a SU&SD donor we’ve got some more behind-the-scenes info, as well as our thoughts on the ethics of being critics who work with game designers, contained in newsletter #10 (which is scheduled to go out in just a couple of hours).

Q: Did you guys pack this box with hilarious board game references?

A: We did not do that! One of the strengths of Monikers is that just about anyone can play it, and we didn’t want to ruin that if you mix our expansion in with your regular Monikers collection. Instead, we just made a load of cards that make us laugh and are fun to play with.

Q: Is this a limited edition?

A: We don’t want it to be! The plan is to run off more copies than we need and then sell them afterwards in some kind of… shop. We haven’t worked out the details yet and we don’t know what the future holds, but if demand is there for the initial Kickstarter then we hope to be stocking this expansion for a long time.

Q: I had a different question

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