This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

A Pesto of Predicaments, SmallWar, Cryo Me A River, Moonraker (but say it like the bond theme), (the bond theme for goldfinger)
Tom Brewster 20 comment(s)

Tom: Today’s the day, and that day is Monday – and on this particular Monday, there’s been an absolutely chunky spread of errors; a peanut butter of wrongdoing!

Quinns is on review duty this week, but due to a large time accident the game we planned coverage of doesn’t come out until… next year? WHOOPS. Instead, Quinns is going to escape from the review-o-sphere moments before implosion with a game that I despise due to my deeply predictable nature. I’m sure he’ll make it in time, he’s absolutely crushing it these days.

But before that, Matt and I are due for a very small war. We’re playing Blitzkrieg on stream tomorrow – catch that over on our Twitch page, you know the drill. I’m sure it’ll be a chill one; or at least a shade chiller than history’s worst sequel.

And then, at the end of the week, we’re casting the pod(cast) way into space – with chats about credit-scraping alliance-em-up Moonrakers as well as first-person-freezer Cryo! Wowee zowee – those are boardgames!

But before any of that… What have you been up to, everybody?