This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Hello am i live, happy birthday boardgames, goodbye and thank you for coming to the shut up and sit down weekly post dot com
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Tom: It’s still Monday! What happens on Mondays? The MONDAY POST! It’s absolutely sagging with letters and parcels and maybe just a little birthday card or two! Whose birthday is it? BOARDGAMES! They’re twelve.

What can you expect from the team this week, on the fabulous 12th anniversary of ‘the beautiful game(s)? On Tuesday’s streamtime, we’re playing a little (big) game called Oath! Matt, Ava and I are going to be dipping into the TTS mod to take the next steps in the rubbish world we’ve created. Ava’s trying her best to bring some nice cards in but it’s a real disaster. Catch that over on our Twitch!

On Wednesday, me, I, Tom (hello) will be reviewing… a game! Expect a very bad costume, lots of ‘expensive’ b-roll and… surprisingly few jokes? It’s been in the works for a while, and is all the worse for it; an over proofed dough of questionable content! Dig in!

Lastly, we’re rounding out the week with some fun, chilled out podtimes. We’ll be talking about the light n breezy Atheneum, the small and relaxing Ohanami and the menacing No Thanks! Quinns also talks extensively about his favourite game of all time on this one – you heard it here first folks – his words, not mine. I swear.

That’s a week! That’s almost too much stuff! Let’s take a quick sense check and make sure that… you’re doing okay, everyone? Wait, no. Uh. How’s it hanging? On this week. What have you been up to this week. Last week. Everybody? Thank you.