This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

angling for poise, get the boogie bonus again
Matt Lees 24 comment(s)

Hello humans! It’s another Monday here, which means the start of another week of THINGS. This week should be a fun one, I hope – tomorrow on the stream we’ll be doing a Print & Play-Along session of Super Skill Pinball 2! Fire up that deskjet or digitally draw on a PDF like a wizard as we check out the sequel to this brilliant roll & write. Excitingly we’ll be joined by Big Geoff E himself during the stream, cutting down the time we spend getting rules wrong by upwards of 25%. Here are the rules. We’ll teach on the stream, but some people like to read ’em!

On wednesday? You guessed it – it’s a Video Review. Another big one this week! Ohoho – chunky chunky… Keep an eye peeled for my grinning face in your YouTube inbox. Could be a contentious one, capacity for internet fury this time. Friday has the podcast pinging into your ears with some chat about Bullet, and Night of the Hogmen: a preview-module thing of the forthcoming RPG TEETH. It’s my bet that the hogmen are having a quiet night of TV and nibbles.

Finally, over the weekend I personally have plans to try and clean up an old anglepoise lamp and start thinking about sanding down the terrible surfaces in my kitchen floor. Neither of these will be broadcast, but I just thought you might need to know.

What’s everyone else got going ON?