This week on shut up & sit down…

Monday moods, Bullet-teeth, Drink the biscuit
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Ava: Well well well. Fancy bumping into a Monday like you in a place like this? Dreary grey out the window, a load of rain, and I understand there’s a load of people upset about some kind of ball-to-foot thing? Some people are being right *****’s about it too. Please don’t do that.

But you know what, despite the bleakness, I’m as excited as ever to be welcoming you to a new week of shutting up and sitting down on Shut Up & Sit Down. Although to be fair, it’s going to be a slightly weird week.

Eagle-eyed readers will be aware that we didn’t manage to get our scheduled podcast up on Friday, due to a little thing called ‘illness’. Me and Tom had separate poorlies going on, and it threw everything out of shape, sorry! Jumping in to save the day, Quinns edited his lovely AwShux fireside chat with In Sente, the world’s coolest Go teacher? It’s a broad talk about teaching difficult games and it’s available right now for your ears.

On Friday, we are going to be delving into the world of Bullet <3, a deeply unusual arcade battler boardgame and the preview module for Teeth: Night of the Hogmen, a zine length role-playing game that I have THINGS I want to talk about. Bullet-Teeth! That sounds cool, right?

We are hopefully streaming on Tuesday, but we’re still not sure exactly what’s going to be landing, as it depends on ‘the health’ of ‘the team’, which is something we will always prioritise! Hopefully, me, Tom and Matt will be digging into Umbra Via, but there is scope for there to be more schedule shuffling.

In between all that, because I’ve definitely written this in the most optimal order, on Wednesday we’ll have a video going live that is NOT a board game review, but DOES announce something exciting.

So hopefully that’ll cheer up the Monday moods? There’s a lot happening, and that’s nice!

How was everyone’s weekend? Is everyone struggling a bit? What’s the best bit of self-care you’ve got planned for this week? I’m still relying heavily on the discovery that you can stir Biscoff spread into hot milk and make yourself the most biscuity drink ever made. DRINK THE BISCUIT.