Review: Mystic Vale & bonus Mystic Crumble

having a bear, druid dealing, whale song, assisted by the gods of the volcano
Ahh, is there anything more beautiful than that most classic of English summers? What about the so very gorgeous cards of Mystic Vale, cards you don't just play, but cards you can build, piece by piece?

Intrigued? You bet you are! We took our two most experienced druids, Quinns and Matt (Paul is a bard), and we put them in a room with cards and crystals and radiant peaks. We asked them not only how it compares with our two very favourite card games, Trains and Arctic Scavengers, but if it's capable of being as beautifully magical as the luscious Seasons.

Unfortunately, there was too much conjuration energy in that room.

How to Play Mysterium!

put the "oo" in boo, put the "host" in ghost, i can't think of any more
We reviewed Mysterium so early (and so breathlessly) that we never got to do a video on it. Gaw bless these rules explanations for letting us fix that!

Mysterium didn’t so much replace Dixit as murder it in the attic with the mantelpiece clock, and Asmodee’s new edition is just gorgeous. In fact, we’re planning a full Let’s Play as soon as the Hidden Signs expansion arrives, which could be as early as next month!

Double Feature: Parade & Incan Gold

treasure dumps, hot hot tents, wanted birds, unwanted birds
Double Feature: Parade & Incan Gold
Quinns: You know double-yolk eggs? Those rarest of treasures that whisper “It’s all going to be ok” up from the pan? Well, today you get a double-review! Enclosed within the brittle shell of this article are not one, but TWO of the greatest card games we’ve ever played, full of fatty fun and caloric goodness.

Please ensure your credit card is secured in your official SU&SD fast-draw holster before continuing. We're serious. These games are very, very good.

How to Play Condottiere!

clutch heroines, emergency bishops, scarecrow power
Condottiere is a card game with a little bit of everything. A bit of area control, a bit of bluffing, a bit of hand management, a bit of negotiation and a bit of luck. It's like a delicious sampler platter of everything board games have to offer, and it's a perfect game to start your collection with.

Shut Up & Sit Down has talked up this classic since the site began. Check out this review from back in 2011! It turns out this game is still available in shops and still excellent, so it's time to do it again!

Review: Archaeology: The New Expedition

going full magpie, FFFFUFOOOs, a mouthful of sand, a pocket full of pottery
Archaeology: The New Expedition
Quinns: Since Matt and I reviewed the completely excellent Arboretum I’ve been filled with a fervor not seen since I started snaffling up Netrunner expansions. Arboretum, it turns out, is just one entry in a whole line of “deluxe card games” from Z-Man Games, all of which come in identical-sized boxes.

In the last two weeks I went full magpie and bought almost all of them.

Review and a Recipe: Arboretum and Pasta with Trees

sexy magnolias, terrible willows, bonus ducks, the law of garlic
The Opener returns! Everyone's favourite series featuring a straightforward game paired with a sexy recipe. Except we're not calling it The Opener any more, it's just "review and a recipe". Nice and simple! Just like the game. And the recipe. And Matt.

Don't be deceived by that svelte little box, though. Not unlike the trees it depicts,Arboretum is beautiful, tough, and all about hidden depths.

Review: 7 Wonders: Duel

spooky nans, fingering pickles, it's you, you're the wonder
Classical cock-blocking simulator 7 Wonders was one of the first boxes we ever recommended on SU&SD. We couldn't believe it. How could a game could be so clever, so beautiful, and support 2 to 7 players with no downtime?

Today, Paul and Quinns have reunited to review 7 Wonders: Duel. A brand-new 2 player game of the same old ancient conflicts.

Have the boys still got what it takes? Or will history... forget them?

Review: Meteor

high risk, high reward, high altitude explosions, high five
Review: Meteor
[EDIT: Since publishing this article the 2nd edition of Meteor has gone live on Kickstarter! That's probably a wiser investment than buying the first edition Quinns reviews here.]

Quinns: Imagine you and your friends are protecting the earth from meteors, assembling rockets from the cards in your hand. Sounds fun, right?

Now imagine you don’t have the right cards for a successful launch. And the clock is ticking and you only have five minutes to clear the board. And now imagine you don’t know how big a payload to launch at each meteor, and if you launch one that’s too big the terrific explosion will accelerate all the other meteors.

Oh, yes. Today we’re reviewing Meteor! It’s mean, exhausting and the art design ranges from underwhelming to unclear, but it’s a megaton of fun. For what it’s worth, if you like high-fiving people, this box could be considered a cardboard portal to the high-five dimension.

SU&SD Play… Funemployed

wasps, condoms, cold black hearts, consolation prizes
Good news! Funemployed, a game of applying for jobs with the world's worst CV, is so good that it's snatched away Pictomania's paper crown to become our favourite lightweight party game.

Better news! Now you can watch Matt play it with the cast of Regular Features, his VERY RUDE comedy podcast (the video's not rude, though).

Other good news: Funemployed is currently available with several of our partners.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

Review: Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

newton's prison, shoe precipitation, a few couple of dice
This week, Paul takes a trip to the clinic, as a result of looking at another new title from Plaid Hat Games. To everyone's surprise, he finds himself deckbuilding with Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. Deckbuilding! Whatever will happen next?

Seriously, what will happen next? Paul's been unable to get hold of Quinns since setting up the North American office and now he's acting a little out of character.