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here we go, help, the man, the banisters, the gold club
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Quinns: Today we’d like to present a Very Special Episode of Shut Up & Sit Down, meant to raise awareness of the issues. Well, one issue. Which is that the amount of money that we have is… or rather, it doesn’t… this amount, it doesn’t really exist.

Paul: Right. After two years of you guys asking how you can give money to SU&SD, we’re finally letting you. Please, go check out our fancy new donations section, our new video, and all of the fabulous rewards on offer.

Quinns: We’re so proud of everything we’ve achieved since we began Shut Up & Sit Down, and we’re stupidly excited about how we’ll grow next. With your help, we’ll be able to find out.

Paul: Thank you all very much.


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It's a podcast! Matt and Quinns are taking a look at a real game sandwich here; two chunky euros about making money, and one game where you just lob some tiny dice over and over. We're talking about Brick & Mortar, Rush Out, and Furnace... and YR INVITED!…

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