Subscriptions are on hold, and we’re extending the donation season

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Hello donors!

We opened the current donation season for Gold Club #4 a little late, so we’re going to be accepting donations for a little longer and shipping the bag a little later (though above you can see a SNEAK PREVIEW of Paul’s forthcoming RPG module, The Lair of the Bee Lord, illustrated by Steve Hogarty). This also lets people who’d like access to our new forums (see that button in the upper right?) still make any donation at all to get access.

Since all subscriptions that were scheduled to bill you guys on the 1st of October would go towards Gold Club bag #5, we’ve put all subscriptions on hold and will re-activate them next month once we’ve had time to catch our breath. Those of you who’d still like to make a regular donation towards nothing more than the continued running of the site can still do so via a one-time donation.

Thanks so much everybody!

— Team SU&SD