Shipping Addresses & Top-Offs!

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Hello everyone! Couple of quick Gold Club-related announcements before we enter 2014, the Chinese year of the board gamer.

ONE! We’re now accepting shipping addresses for the 1st Gold Club bag! Cleverly, there’s NO NEED to do this if your shipping address is the same as your billing address. The rest of you guys have until January 7th to get your info in.

TWO! Subscribers who requested to be topped-off to Gold Club level will be billed at 12:00:00 EST January 1st.

THREE! All other donations afterwards will go towards our 2nd pledge season, and the 2nd Gold Club bag.

FOUR! People who pledged for the first Gold Club bag but whose bank failed their skill check will be able to correct billing errors through January 7th (EST.)

Happy New Year, everyone!