Quinns is on the Plaid Hat Podcast!

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In a crossover of comic book proportions, Quinns can today be found on episode 118 of the official Plaid Hat Podcast, having an intimate chat with owner Colby Dauch.

Plaid Hat are the redoubtable publisher behind Mice & Mystics, Summoner Wars, the BioShock: Infinite board game and City of Remnants, as well the upcoming Dead of Winter. Even more importantly, they’re excellent people, interested in blowing board gaming open in much the same way as SU&SD. Anyone who’d like to hear Quinns talk about his past, the present state of the board game media, or the future of our very own site will find all the necessary listening implements in the above link.

Best of all, Colby’s agreed to appear on our own podcast next year! Any questions for him, guys? Just leave them here, in the comments.


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