Quinns is on the Terminal7 podcast!

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Quinns: NETRUNNER! Either you’re like me and adore Fantasy Flight’s impeccable cyberpunk card game, or you’re like my colleagues here at SU&SD and wish I’d shut up about it.

So it should please everybody to know I’ve taken my breathless fanboyism elsewhere, in an hour-long guest appearance on episode five of the excellent Terminal7 Netrunner podcast, chatting about shapers, bioroids, hellions, and all kinds of other things that literally might make sense to you!

In all seriousness, if you’re still on the fence about Netrunner after my review, listening to Terminal7 might just push you over the edge. Hosts Nels Anderson and Jesse Turner craft the exact cocktail of humour, frustration, style and spirit that Netrunner deserves, and I’m always impatient for the next episode. It was a real treat to be involved.