Hang with SU&SD at Gen Con ’15!

the return of question jenga, we promise Quinns won't get that drunk again
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Quinns: “The best four days in gaming” (or at least the most ludicrous) are just around the corner! Following our inaugral expedition last year, team SU&SD will once again be heading to Gen Con to meet strange new beverages, play some strangers and drink deeply of new games.

If you’re going too, we’ve got a couple of events for you to attend!

You can now buy tickets for our Second Ever Live Podcast! This time we’re expecting working microphones, although we’ve been downgraded from a 300 person room to 250 people. Next year we’ll get our heads around Gen Con’s arcane ticketing system, we promise, followed by a live breakdown in front of 1,000 people.

No tickets whatsoever are required for our PARTY, though! Tomlinson’s Tap Room (pictured above) is once again opening its doors to us and anyone who’d like to meet us from 7pm to 11pm on Friday 31st. Last year we ran Two Rooms and a Boom and then wandered around playing games people had brought. This year? Who knows! I’m threatening to run Still Life but the others will talk me out of it if they know what’s best.

We hope to see you there. x