The We Are Back! Podcast, Because We Are Back

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(Look, I tried to find pictures of us holding microphones, okay? OKAY?!)

Paul: Yep, that’s right, your eyes do not deceive you and nor do your ears. Shut Up & Sit Down is back and tightly, trimly encoded into a 64kbps podcast, streamlined for your pleasure and available for download right here. Just like your lunch break, it’s almost but not quite an hour long, far too fattening and ultimately nothing more than the briefest respite from the black and tentacled horrors of reality.

In this second podcast, between sips of tea, we talk about games we’ve played this summer, games we’re going to try and review in the coming months and even two particularly wicked games that we hold nothing but hatred for. That’s right, hatred! Can you guess which games those are?

Well, here’s the roll call. Step forward

Dominant Species,
El Grande,
Dungeon Petz,
Mag Blast,
Glen More,
7 Wonders,
Baron Munchausen,
Virgin Queen,
Warriors & Traders,
The Resistance: Avalon (for which we don’t have a link yet!) and, for the briefest of mentions Flash Point: Fire Rescue, where we don’t talk enough about the excitement of driving the ambulance or taking control of the water cannon.

Also, anyone interested in finding out more about Henry, Lord Darnley should read this.

From here on, it’s full steam ahead, and we’ll be vigorously pumping out all sorts of exciting content in the weeks and months to come. Are you ready? Don’t kid yourself, you’re not remotely ready.