The Opener: Cash ‘n Guns and Sausages and Mash and Onions and Gravy

adventures in onionland, laughing in the money, pedro, potatoes

Matt’s definitive series on getting your friends and family into gaming, The Opener, has made its delicious return!

This week Matt looks at the brand-spanking new edition of Cash ‘n Guns, a game of criminals dividing the “take” after a “heist” by “shooting one another”, before ending the video with a lovely recipe for bangers’n’mash. It’s basically the closet we’ll come to filming Snatch.


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Missed the live pod at AwSHUX? Fret ye not, for it is here; in (slightly) less janky form! We’re chatting about Exit: The Advent Calendar, Unfathomable and a whole heaving stack of games fresh off the preview press!…

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