Review: Spire: The City Must Fall RPG

What’s this?! Could it be? They said it couldn’t be done…

Yes, today SU&SD has released none other than a ginormous video review of a role-playing game. The award-winning game of Spire casts a party of players as members of an underground resistance cell, making small acts of rebellion in a society that will almost certainly kill them. This book is imaginative, evocative and has a marvelous sense of humour… but it turns out Quinns had a bit of a problem with it, too.

Enjoy, everybody.

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Review: Biblios and Biblios: Quill and Parchment

Ava: Well look at that! It’s an Ava video. This cathedral of content has been in preparation for several generations now, and it’s finally here. Biblios: Quill and Parchment is a recent release from Dr Finn’s games that I was able to pick up and try at PAX Unplugged. It was the perfect excuse to talk about one of my top card games of all time, the original Biblios! So here is a double review that definitely shows no signs of me biting off more than I can chew.

A whole world of monk tracks and illuminations are right there waiting for you. Except Biblios might not entirely be in print right now, sorry! There’s suggestions for games to keep you going at the end though, I promise.

Also, I realised while writing this script that I can just say ‘Matt make me a trailer for an imaginary cinematic universe’ and he just HAS to do it. And because he’s Matt he’ll also put approximately ten thousand times the required effort into it. Brilliant. Even when I’m still learning the ropes, this job is lovely. Thanks audience for keeping me in work!

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Review: The Battle of Five Armies

If you’re a fan of red and blue plastics then GOSH do we have a treat for you today – Matt has a review of a – still very large – SMALLER cousin of the behemoth that is War of the Ring, The Battle of Five Armies. Can this Hobbit-based wargame tickle the same sensations as the esoteric giant we reviewed a few years ago? Are games getting bigger generally, or are our tables shrinking? How many orcs could a wood-orc orc if a wood-orc could-orc orc? None of this, and more!

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Review: Doodle Dash and Pictomania

In this double feature, we pay homage to humanity’s oldest art form: the board game review. Also, the art of drawing something and your friends having no idea what it is.

Better yet, Quinns claims that both of the games in this video – Doodle Dash and Pictomania – are better than the classic game of Pictionary. Although the question of which one you should buy is a little bit trickier.

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Review: Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Alchemists

This week Matt takes a look at the chunkier expansion of The Alchemists for one of his all-time favourites – Quacks! But do these additions sweeten or sour the cauldron? Also, how many more times is he going to use that footage of him and Quinns being hit in the face with a paint cannon? Truly, NOBODY COULD KNOW. How did you folks get on with the expansions?

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The Quadruple Game Special!

In this week’s video, Tom is firing you through several different games at high speed like a dolphin-shaped bullet with a penchant for perusin’.

It’s a roundup! Science said it wasn’t possible, and yet here it is – four (technically six) games stuffed into one short video. We’re getting to grips with gears in Corrosion and understanding udders in Great Western Trail: 2nd Edition! We’re rooting around in the bushes for berries and beasts in Rustling Leaves! And we’re Moving Pictures, Roving… Rove… and… Death(ing) Valley(ing) with some… wacky… wallet…(w)experiences? I lost all my energy by the end there, I’m sorry. Enjoy!

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Review: Long Shot: The Dice Game

Quickly, grease your horses! Laminate your betting slips! Remove the jockeys from the steam cupboard!Look, if we’re totally honest, team Shut Up & Sit Down doesn’t know the first thing about horse racing.

Fortunately, you don’t have to know the first thing about it to enjoy Long Shot: The Dice Game, which is now up there with our favourite ever roll’n’writes. This game is pretty, it’s silly, and it’s embarrassingly exciting.

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Review: Songbirds

Ava has been a key part of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast for quite a while now, but today is the first time you’ll have seen her in HER VERY OWN VIDEO about Songbirds!

Very exciting stuff, and a lovely continuation of the story arc for those of you who remember the days in which Ava was simply someone popping up in the website comments below. Give her a hearty round of applause, and stay away from any suspicious-looking birds.

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Review: Ark Nova

In this week’s video review, Tom and Matt are taking a look at Ark Nova – a game rammed to the gills with elephants, stuffed with porcupines and just barely containing a kangaroo. We had a lot of fun playing the game and making the video – and I hope that energy translates well into a ‘nice experience for you; the viewer’.

But listen; I know what isn’t a ‘nice experience for you; the viewer’ and it’s the noise. It was too gross not to include – and if I’ve had to listen to it basically on loop during the editing process, you can probably manage one little slurp, right?

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Review: The Initiative

This week’s video features Matt and Tom wrestling with a co-operative campaign of cyphers and code-cracking with The Initiative. Well, it’s mostly Matt reviewing this one if we’re honest, although Tom does a stellar job of wearing a coat and behaving like an idiot. We’re starting to creep our way back out of isolation, and you’ll be seeing more two-human videos in the future! Have a lovely week.

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