This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

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Tom Brewster 19 comment(s)

Tom: Good morning! Or if it isn’t morning for you, make it morning! Sort yourself a coffee and some toast, brush your teeth and get commuting! Sure, work might be closed in your part of the world, but you can dream! Slam three pints and dunk your head into ice-water to simulate a crippling hangover, curl up into a ball and dream of childhood; an infant devoid of responsibility, where mornings presented an opportunity to seize joy in your cherubic fists rather than a procession of endlessly disappointing starts, ends and responsibilities; where work is said to not be the point of life but its spectre drips over each mortal interaction until the end. Eat some cereal!

On Wednesday (or Thursday) you can expect a review from Quinns – a review… of something that isn’t even a board game! Absolutely repellent. If I see anything that isn’t a board game these days I become violently ill. I sleep on a bed of Memoir ‘44 and shower in a stream of wooden cubes.

Thursday will be a stream! We’re hammering out the times but you can expect an AvaStream! A potter around in the high-stakes Scrabblin’ of Babble Royale! We’ll secrete a tweet when we’re ready to go on the Twitch. Either that or I’ll be streaming more Teardown? Goodness this is disorganised – I might as well have just written ‘something is happening on Thursday’.

Something is Happening on Friday. It will be a podcast, where myself and Matt and Ava will be talking about Founders of Teotihuacan and Khora: Rise of an Empire! Both quite dry games and we were all slightly delirious when we recorded it – so that’s fun.

And that’s this week on Shut Up & Sit Down! Lots to look forward to from all members of the team, there.

What are you looking forward to this week, everyone? Or what did you get up to? I don’t make the rules.