This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

a goofless monday, i haven't a single funtag, is this the end of writing??
Tom Brewster 27 comment(s)

Tom: Readers, you join me for a practically goofless Monday Post. I’ve just poured 90% of my creativity into a string of very silly words that will maybe one day become a Shut Up & Sit Down video, but until then, I’m spent. It’s Monday! Time to tell you about it!

At some point in the Wednesday/Thursday nebulous VideoTime you can anticipate another fine production from Shut Up & Sit Down studios! We’re talking about a game! What game? I fear to give a single clue for the accuracy of your guesses are simply ferocious.

Twitch? Quite possibly! On Probably Thursday or Improbably Tuesday (my favourite days of the week) either myself or Ava will record video directly into the harddrive of your brain. Exciting! Expect videogames and rambles, in that order, if at all.

On Friday, you can expect a podcast where two strange hosts will chat about two strange games. Myself and Matt will first tackle the oddity that is the Sniper Elite Boardgame, before moving on to Rio Grande’s latest efficiency-obtainer Space Station Phoenix!

That’s this week! What have you been up to recently, everyone?