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Matt: January has almost been slain, just a few more jabs to those weak ‘n’ flabby points and we can level up to FEB-WOO-RARY. If you too have failed to achieve all the things you’d hoped to this month, then never fear – you’re in good company. What’s going on with this website though, this week?

On Wednesday we’ve got a chunky one – it’s Quinns’ first big review of the year: a game I’ve checked out briefly that seemed seriously legit, but apparently I hadn’t even begun to scratch the surface of? Excited to get around to watching that one myself, keep your eyes peeled.

On Friday you should join us for the latest podcast, in which we chat Town Builder: Coevorden, Welcome To The Moon, and have a brief mention of Equinox – which I reviewed last week. Gosh I don’t quite love that game, but I certainly love a lot of stuff about it. My next review, though? Well that’s just a whole bucket of love.

Finally, this Friday I’ll be live on Twitch as part of Board Game Yogi’s show – it looks like it’ll be a great one, tune in!

What did you get up to the weekend, everybody? Personally, I baked an acceptable cake.


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