This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

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Tom Brewster 33 comment(s)

Tom: Hey folks! Happy New Year! Sorry we’re a little slow in churning up the content-machine this month, we’ve actually been busy planning out what this whole year is going to look like – building some structural supports for what should (hopefully) be a pretty exciting time for Shut Up & Sit Down. I don’t want to promise anything (who knows what global-pandemic-shaped entity could throw big rusty spanners into our minty fresh machine) but you should have plenty of new bits and bobs to chew on in the coming year. I’m excited! But enough excitement, let’s get down to business. What the heck is going on this week?

Well, let’s start with Wednesday – where Matt is going to be providing us with a review of an unforgettable game that we all sat down to last year and have fermented our coverage of since; like a big yeasty bubble ready to burst at any minute. Hopefully, the minute will be on Wednesday – around dinnertime if possible, please.

On Friday we’ll be podcasting – Ava and Matt have had a ramble about two of the heaviest games we played over in the states before PAXU – The Great Zimbabwe and The Gallerist. I just finished editing that one and I’m undecided on titling; it’s between the broad and boring ‘The Heavysode’ or the slightly nicher, more-of-a-stretch: ‘The Heavysode Layer’. If the latter didn’t make you groan audibly, let me know and we’ll go ahead and call it that.

And in terms of the year? It’s all too soon to say, but I think I’m mostly focusing on trying out a couple new video formats to see what suits both myself and you lovely people watching! Let’s get in the sandpit and ‘have a dabble’, who knows what could go wrong (or right!).

Right! That’s Mondays! But more importantly; what did you get up to the weekend, everybody?