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Ava: Look. It’s literally snowy outside. How did this happen? Snow fell from the sky, that’s how. Baffling. What am I going to do to keep warm? Well. I’m going to rub my hands together, and get typing. Here’s what’s happening on Shut Up and Sit Down this week and why I’m very excited for it.

Wednesday is about time for a review. And I am telling you right now so you can get furiously hype, because it’s not really just one review it’s three reviews. Three cosy games, considered by two of your favourite reviewers and…drum roll please… a single your favourite Ava!* This triple bill has come together over the last few weeks, and is going to be my first video where I did the production for my bit from beginning to (nearly) end. I’m excited about that. Please be nice!

Then on Friday, it’s time for a kids-aren’t-here cast, with Quinns and Matt getting to say anything they like without risk of offending mine and Tom’s delicate dispositions. They’re going to be talking about Brick and Mortar and Rush Out!, along with a little post video chat about Matt’s recent Furnace review (which you should watch, it made me laugh like a…furnace????)

So that’s all from us in terms of the old posts, but hopefully (and honestly, recent news is making it look a bit less likely, and we’ll obviously be prioritising safety for us and others), we’re all then leaving on a big old trip that will culminate in a visit to PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia. As far as I understand, that’s not even in Yorkshire! It will be lovely to have the gang together, and hopefully there’s a couple of live podcasts and shows we’re in, some of which will go online, at some point. I am a big mix of excited and nervous. I’ve not been on a stage since I did a terrible job pretending to be a Scout Commissioner for a Batman-themed comedy sketch. And that was before Tom was even born.

That’s far enough off topic for now. Hope you all have a lovely week. And if you want to share your excitement, nervousness, or most embarrassing stage performances below, I’d be delighted to read them.

*No guarantees of Ava-Quality available. Other Avas are available.