How to Play Pandemic Legacy!

don't fear change, it's all gonna be ok, we promise
Whether you'd rather someone else teach your friends to play, you want people to know the rules before they come over, or simply want a closer look at this incredible game, our How to Play videos are there for you.

Not heard of Pandemic Legacy, our game of 2015? You should correct that immediately!

Review: Thunderbirds

tragic space exile, sweating plastic, private islands, pompous puppets, martinis
Quinns: Leigh! Thank you for joining us for this review of the Thunderbirds board game, although as you’ve never seen an episode of 1960s TV series you won’t be allowed to talk. You can nod along, though, and say things like "Wow!".

Leigh: What? You told me you wanted me here as a counterpoint, reviewing this game as someone with no interest in the show.

Quinns: Yes, but I've changed my mind. Some things in life are sacred. God, for example, and tea, and the exploits of the Tracy brothers and International Rescue.

Leigh: I mean, I actually have learned a lot about Thunderbirds from playing this game. It’s about boys moving boats and planes around the world and swapping a pink woman among the different vehicles. And then one of them is a tragic space exile. It’s really monstrous.

Quinns: There will be time for me to explain the many and varied ways you are wrong. For now, let's review!







Spoiler-Free Review: T.I.M.E Stories

a dashing time traveller, a cannibal lady, a drunk man setting up an apple tv
It's time for another of 2015's most breathtaking releases, and that's not a euphemism for a fart. Rather, T.I.M.E. Stories is a whole new kind of co-op board game. Your team will complete each time travel scenario in a blistering five hours and then it's time to buy a whole new deck, making this the most expensive game we've ever covered. Great Scott!

On the other hand, the only thing Quinns loves more than the movie Primer are board game expansions. What happens when an immovable force meets an unstoppable object? Tune in and find out.

Spoiler-Free Review: Pandemic Legacy

willy wonka's disease factory, oompah-lampreys, oh god that's not chocolate
OH MY GOODNESS! Pandemic Legacy is upon us, daring men and women the world over to command the Centre for Disease Control for one grisly year. What components lie in wait in the box's secret compartments? What will your story be?

Of course we had to provide you with the earliest possible review. You won't find a more heartfelt, spoiler-free analysis anywhere.

Share this review, buy this game, fall in love, in that order. Board games don't come much better than this.

Review: Meteor

high risk, high reward, high altitude explosions, high five
Review: Meteor
[EDIT: Since publishing this article the 2nd edition of Meteor has gone live on Kickstarter! That's probably a wiser investment than buying the first edition Quinns reviews here.]

Quinns: Imagine you and your friends are protecting the earth from meteors, assembling rockets from the cards in your hand. Sounds fun, right?

Now imagine you don’t have the right cards for a successful launch. And the clock is ticking and you only have five minutes to clear the board. And now imagine you don’t know how big a payload to launch at each meteor, and if you launch one that’s too big the terrific explosion will accelerate all the other meteors.

Oh, yes. Today we’re reviewing Meteor! It’s mean, exhausting and the art design ranges from underwhelming to unclear, but it’s a megaton of fun. For what it’s worth, if you like high-fiving people, this box could be considered a cardboard portal to the high-five dimension.

Review: XCOM: The Board Game

milk, panicking, in continents?, incontinence?, electric playpens
It's here! XCOM: The Board Game is now in shops the world over, with its computerised component, its little plastic snipers and its starched lil' navy blue box. Oooh. You want it.

OR DO YOU? Let Quinns and Paul cut a path for you through the jungle of hype around this game, all the way to the UFO crash site of truth. "Welcome to Earth," indeed.

Your Guide to Space Cadets: Resistance is Mostly Futile

death by biscuit, space krakens, a tear in the fabric of board-space
Your Guide to Space Cadets: Resistance is Mostly Futile
Quinns: Last year we floated the idea of "Expansion January" or "Expansionanuary", where we'd start the year by revisiting old favourites and seeing how they've been updated. Since you guys weren't entirely repelled by the concept, welcome to the FIRST EVER Shut Up & Sit Down Expansionanuary.

We're kicking it off with what's being called the "first" expansion for Space Cadets, Resistance is Mostly Futile. Remember how we first covered Space Cadets with an itemised guide as to why your friends are going to do a terrible job of flying a spaceship together (and then later demonstrated it in a Let's Play)?

Let's give you a guide to the new terrors in the expansion! Starting with a new job that nobody's going to want to do: the Science Station.

Review: Zombie 15′

sexy teens, sexy metaphors, pass the parcel but the parcel is full of corpses
Roll over, Zombie Dice. Zombicide? It's history. Zombie 15' is our game for Halloween in 2014! A real-time, co-operative 15 minute game of 15 year-olds fighting their way past restless dead across 15 missions.

The question isn't whether Paul and Quinns like it. It's whether they can succeed at reviewing it in a single 15 minute take. Enjoy, everybody!

Review: Samurai Spirit

wereboars, quinns' japanese heritage, middle aged animals, impromptu makeouts
One of the first reviews we ever wrote was of Antoine Bauza's Ghost Stories, back when SU&SD was little more than a twinkle on our camcorder's four gig SD card.

Clearly we're getting old. This year will soon see the release of Samurai Spirit, an all-new Bauza game of protecting an all-new village. What will Quinns make of it? More importantly, what will he make of that box?

Have you heard about the box? Oh dear. We have some bad news. Are you sitting down?

Review: Dead of Winter

cleaning poop again, finding medicine, killing zombies, cleaning poop, exiling kids
In one of our most anticipated reviews of the year, Paul and Quinns have hunkered down in their rubbish-strew hideaway for a spoiler-free analysis of Dead of Winter.

Like SU&SD favourite City of Horror, here's a zombie game that isn't about zombies. Rather, Dead of Winter wants to tell you a story of a freezing cold colony where men and women are exiled over a lost tin of beans, and the degree to which you trust your friends could save you as easily as get you killed.

Did we mention it's the first board game we've reviewed with a sex scene? Oh, yes.