Introducing our Gold Club, Season 2!

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HELLO everybody! Do you enjoy SU&SD? Would you like to help us do what we do, and receive a goodie bag from us in April? There are just 19 days left to get in on the second ever Gold Club bag, which is hardly any days at all!

Of course, if you’re a subscriber, you can just sit back and wait for the goods to come to you!

A couple of other announcements. By now, your rewards for our first pledge season should have arrived. If you’ve yet to receive these, or your bag was damaged, please email Quinns directly via [email protected] and he’ll ship a replacement out immediately with some extra Haribo inside.

Second, for everybody waiting for a forum or full episodes, we request your patience for a little while longer. Turns out turning SU&SD into a sustainable business is a lot of work, and we’ve never done work before, so it’s very confusing. Apparently there are “lawyers” involved, who are a bit like wizards but a lot less fun.


— Team SU&SD


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TWO days until AwSHUX! Here's the final tweaked version of the schedule - we got the PT times wrong last time, it turns out this stuff is hard??? See ya soon!

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