Gold Club bags are now shipping!

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After slipping more than 20,000 things into 2,500 envelopes, our first donation season’s Gold Club bags are assembled, and will be shipped to you guys this very week. Hooray!

Since none of us died in the process, we’ve just opened donations for the 2nd season’s Gold Club, which will be shipped on April 15th. We’ll do a proper video preview of the new season in a bit, but for now, we just want to give last season’s donors a huge, huge thanks for keeping Shut Up & Sit Down on its feet, to the tune of a preposterous $83,073. This is going to be our best year ever, and we’re so glad we can keep growing and improving together with the table gaming hobby.

Thank you. We love you. And if you want to want to get in on this hot Gold Club action, you’ll find everything you need on our donations page.

— Team SU&SD