Daft Souls is a new gaming podcast! With us!

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Quinns: Sound the competence klaxon! Matt and myself have a quick announcement. We’ve joined forces with a few other UK games writer luminaries to create DAFT SOULS, a new weekly podcast about video games! And much like SU&SD, it has the single, lofty goal of not being shit.

So if you like SU&SD and you do play video games, give the first episode a listen. Underneath your seat you’ll find the iTunes page, SoundCloud, RSS feed, and even Youtube. Oh, and you can follow Daft Souls on Twitter here.

It’s kind of amazing how good a job Matt and I do of seeming like we’re not hurtling towards 30 when we’re talking about cool games like Luftrausers, Dark Souls 2 and Heroes of the Storm. And no, this doesn’t mean we’ll be spending any less time on this site or the SU&SD podcast. We’ll be revealing a similar refurbishment of our own podcast in just a couple of weeks.


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