This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Mystery Week, TruckTech, Gugoku or Bigong?
Tom Brewster 33 comment(s)

Tom: Hello humans! It’s another week on Shut Up & Sit Down dot com, the internet’s website! Join us for… whatever it is we do this week…

….What are we doing this week? We’re not entirely sure. Matt’s busy moving large amounts of technology in a big truck, Ava is stranded in a no-internet wasteland, and Quinns and I are figuring out what to do with ourselves.

We could squeeze a video review out of Quinns, but it could also turn up midway through next week, instead! We’re fairly sure a podcast will appear, but what’s it going to be about? Potentially it’ll be a companion piece to our recent Bitoku episode, as Quinns introduces me to the wonderful world of Gugong! We’ll have to wait and see.

Mystery week! That’s got quite the ring to it. Take my hand and embark into the ship of who-knows-where, bobbing on an ocean of cardboard; we’re going on an adventure! Or the adventure might be postponed, we’ll see.

But, in the meantime… What are you all up to, this week?