This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Disruptotron, Is there any information here at all, Actually having a nice time
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Ava: Hi everyone, it’s (somewhat) Monday, and you know what that means, it’s time for us to spin the Disruptotron and find out what is making everything a little bit trickier than we’d like this week.

Wait, what does it say here…Matt’s got Covid? You’ve got to be joking. Tom’s already had that! At least the sewage was original.

Disruptotron 2022: Ha ha ha ha ha. Disruptotron cares not for originality. Only disruption.

Ava: I mean, I guess the clue’s in the name right.

We’re all obviously rooting for Matt, and trying to get him to put down his work for a bit. But we wanted to let you know that we might need to be a little bit vague about this week, as we may have to do some last minute shuffling.

That said, we’re still going to bring you whatever we can, because we all still really, really like boardgames. And we like you too, dear reader.

So, in the middle of the week, we may well be seeing a big ol’ chunk of review from Tom. A little pile of somethings he’s been working on for a while, and may be a little bit different. Good luck Tom! I’m excited for it. (Even if we might have to push it back into next week. Fingers crossed!)

Tom: The script literally says ‘try and make this one easier for yourself please’ in bold at the top and I have absolutely failed so far.

Ava: Oh dear

Well, at least on Friday it’s podcast time! I’ve got so, so many things to talk about. My elaborate moving process has disrupted a lot of my work-doings, but it hasn’t stopped me playing. Not least with a flying visit to Airecon over the weekend, catching up with some old pals, and checking out quite a few demos. It’s a very cosy convention. Am I on this one?

Tom: No! Me and Quinns are talking about Gugong and Lizard Wizard and will be taking no further questions. It is codenamed the ‘lazy sunday episode’ and we tried our utmost to stick to that theme.

Ava: Delightful! Well that’s sort of a week, isn’t it? There’s nothing left but to ask about what you’ve all been up to this weekend?

Disruptotron 2022: Actually it’s been a really tough year for me, so many places to be, so much disruption. I’m getting pretty tired.

Ava: I am struggling to have much sympathy, pal. But do take it easy, we could all use a break, frankly.