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Time is subjective, hemispherical cows, the start of something new
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Ava: Everybody ready for a happy new week? Well, for those of you who eagerly follow my absurd calendar antics, it’s not just that, it’s time for a Happy new year!! That’s right, the pre-Julian Roman year starts in March, which starts tomorrow, which means I can stop banging on about ‘the void period’ and start enjoying life! Well done folks, you made it through the hardest bit of the orbit. And we’re celebrating in style.

We’re releasing my first solo video! Matt’s had to lend a hand with the editing, but my first field report will be winging its way to you in the middle of this week. I’m excited to tell you about an old favourite of mine, and hopefully do some very silly things.

Friday will hopefully be a late notice, extreme-funtime podcast – exact content to be determined!

This time of year, as Spring starts springing in the northern halfball, is so exciting to me. Hope and growth and new and bright.

So, what did you get up to over the weekend, and what are you excited for over the coming seasons?